The organization of the working area in the kitchen

The kitchen is the main place in the house. Here the family is going in full force to have lunch or just to be together. The comfort of the stay of family members in it depends on how the working area in the kitchen is organized. Many housewives want to see their kitchen clean and comfortable, then cooking will be only a pleasure.

Why you can not wash dishes with sponges

Every day we wash dishes, sink and other household appliances. For these purposes, we often use special sponges. Everyone knows that using this tool is not a very hygienic way out. Rospotrebnadzor generally banned the use of sponges for washing dishes in the field of catering.

Office chair goes down: how to fix it

If the office chair falls down, or the position control mechanism does not work, and the chair is jammed, the cause of this problem may be gas lift. You can give the chair to a special workshop for repair. And you can save money by fixing a chair, or by replacing broken parts yourself. Common causes of stool breakdown Almost all stool breakdowns are associated with a gas lift.

Do-it-yourself bed made of timber

The assortment in modern furniture stores is represented quite widely, and you can pick up a bed in them for every taste. But self-production has its advantages. First of all, you will make the structure of the required size, and you will be sure of its strength and long service life.

Pros and cons of quartz vinyl floor tiles

Modern technologies make it possible to create completely new coatings that are unique in composition and meet all the requirements of a demanding consumer. One such material is quartz vinyl tile, which due to its strength, wear resistance, variety of colors and textures has become very popular and in demand in a modern interior.

How to fix the laminate to the ceiling

There are times when it is necessary to attach a laminate to the ceiling. You need to choose the right product, prepare the ceiling and choose a suitable mount. This will make the surface beautiful, durable, and increase its service life. How to fix the laminate to the ceiling There are 2 ways to glue the laminate to the ceiling: Using glue.