What is a pan? What is it for us?

Before buying a new dish, it is worth exploring its types, forms and purpose. It is necessary to take into account every detail so that in future you can cook your favorite dishes without any problems. Also on the size of pots depends on the amount of space occupied in the kitchen. What is the pan, and what kind to choose for your kitchen?

Pan - the definition

The pot is one of the most popular kitchen appliances. It is used for cooking first dishes and stewing the second.

Reference! A saucepan is a deep metal or cast iron container that is designed for cooking on a fire, stove or oven. The main distinguishing feature is the presence of a lid and two side handles for convenience.

Old cast iron pan.


For the first time the device for cooking products was invented by the French in the XVII century. Pan- (fr. casserole, from casse - pit, scoop).

It was made of copper and had an impressive size and was called the "frying pan", it only stewed vegetables, and in the XIX century. they started cooking soups in it.

In Russia, for the first time, dishes for cooking soups appeared in the navy in 1720. was made of cast iron. It was cooked seafood.

Reference! The first naval pans were cylinder-shaped and had a diameter of 5 to 10 inches.

Types of pots

Today, a large number of types of pots are invented, which differ in shape, size and purpose. There are options with a double bottom. Capacity is measured in liters.

In a form allocate:

  • Ladle - small container with one handle. Designed for making cereals, sauces, baby puree, boiling eggs. The bucket is an excellent alternative to the kettle.

  • Stewpan - The round container is slightly deeper than the pan. The stewpan is designed to extinguish food and cooking mashed soups.

  • Cauldron or pot - deep dishes with thick walls for cooking oriental dishes. When choosing a pot, it is important to pay attention to the bottom of the dish: a convex bottom for cooking on an open fire, even for an electric or gas stove.

Depending on the material, there are the following types of saucepans:

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • ceramic;
  • glass;
  • aluminum;
  • silicone.

Ceramic pots.

Glass pots.

Today, the stores have a large number of dishes for a wide purpose. Before choosing a tank, you need to decide on its purpose. After all, from what for you will need dishes, will depend on its appearance, and further application.

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