How to separately collect garbage in the apartment

You do not want to drink dirty water, breathe poisonous air, eat poisoned food? Naturally not! We all want to live in a pure world. And in the soul, each of us is an active fighter for the environment. But in fact, most often everything is limited only by words. We even talked about separate garbage collection later than other countries.

Garbage is serious!

Do you think that garbage is a trifle compared to industrial emissions? But from these little things huge dumps gather! In recent years, they have begun to pose a serious danger to nature and man.

Reference! An unpleasant smell spreads around the landfills. And rotting products pollute groundwater. Then they fall into the reservoirs used for irrigation of agricultural crops.

Is it certain that not from these reservoirs is water taken for everyday human needs? In addition, the landfill area is inhabited by a huge number of rodents and birds that are carriers of epidemics. The bigger the garbage dump, the more serious its danger!

Important! Recycling garbage is a real opportunity to create a safe living environment for a person.

It turns out that each of us is able to help nature and ourselves! For this it is necessary discard only that which cannot be recycled. All the rest is sort.

Getting used to sorting trash

Separate garbage collection has long been practiced in European countries and the United States. This approach to waste gives a significant economic effect. Recycled waste goes to the production of new goods. Hence, for their sake it is not necessary to “take away” from the nature of its wealth.

Besides, garbage is real money! Got 30 kg read newspapers and magazines? Get them 300 rubles! (The amount for 1 kg should be checked with its operators). Actual? Yes! It turns out that Separate garbage collection is an important time requirement not only for the state, but also for the individual.

Where to begin

All great things start with the first step! In the case of garbage - from one type of waste.

For example, the family drinks bottled mineral water daily. Empty bottles, of course, take up a lot of space. Do not throw them away with the rest of the waste, plastic will be collected separately!

If the management company did not take care and did not put a separate plastic container on the container site, then it makes sense to flatten the empty container before being sent for temporary storage. Temporary storage is the period before export to the place of collection.

How to sort

Sorting is done by separating waste made from the same material.

For processing

  • plastic;
  • paper;
  • glass;
  • metal, etc.

Take a closer look at household waste! Recall that this type of recyclable willingly accept not only specialized items, but also various small entrepreneurs.

Tip! Motivate yourself to the noble capital truth that "one ton of waste paper saves 25 mature trees from cutting."

For special disposal

Most problems arise with those items that are subject to special disposal:

  • batteries;
  • spray cans;
  • lamps containing mercury.

They cannot be sent to the general trash can! But it is already possible to find points for receiving batteries or lamps.

Attention! Sprays from aerosols cannot be crushed, as they do with beverage cans. Even an empty cartridge can explode and damage health.

So, we clarified the principle of sorting. But how to put it into practice?

How to collect different types of garbage in the apartment

The main problem that we face when sorting is related to the temporary storage of accumulated waste.

What to collect

How many containers will you need? Actually a bit. Most often you will need to separate waste paper, glass, plastic, metal. And, of course, food waste and the items we have identified special disposal. But this does not mean that you will need to buy some more garbage buckets!

  • Instead buckets fit crates and old cardboard packaging.
  • Good exit - purchase a trash can with two or even four compartments. Offers from sellers abound, it remains only to choose the right size.

  • And if your bucket is sufficient in volume, you can insert several packages there at once, better than a different color. And in each fold a certain type of waste.

Where to store before throwing away

The question of where to store all this is also important, because with every piece of paper that will be sent to waste paper, you don’t run into a trash can!

  • Here is one of lifehacks: select the lower drawer of the kitchen set for separate collection. Put inside plastic containers or dividers.

  • there is balcony or pantry - there, too, there is a little corner for storage.
  • Even if there is no unoccupied private place in the apartment, it is easy to arrange temporary storage. Come to the rescue beautiful boxes or baskets. They can even be put on an open shelf, but no one will guess about the contents. Two or three identical decorative boxes - an elegant and stylish interior solution "garbage issue."

And finally. According to the research of "stubborn" statistics, in the states that develop the practice of separate collection, the population quickly stops buying goods in elegant volumetric packages.

Important! Refusal of bulk packaging not only reduces the amount of household waste, but also saves the family budget.

It's no secret that you have to overpay for external beauty! Surely on store shelves there are analogues in a cheaper container. This means that the cost of purchasing an additional waste bucket will pay off with interest and rather quickly.

Let's make our life cleaner together!

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