How to install a hygienic shower for toilet

The small size of a standard bathroom makes it impossible to install a full bidet in it. But this is no reason to deprive yourself of the opportunity to improve the room.

If there is no place, and you really want to have a bidet, then you can look for alternative solutions to the problem - to install a hygienic shower. It has a similar function, while taking up little space and costing less.

Features of hygienic shower for toilet

The hygienic shower and the bidet have the same initial purpose - caring for intimate places after visiting the bathroom. However, the soul has a much wider scope. It allows you to care for kids, the elderly, people with disabilities.

In addition, the design of the device allows you to wash dirty things without messing with the sink, bath. For example, above the toilet, you can easily wash dirty boots, flower pots.

In addition, the hygienic shower has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. Installation. The product is simple to install, and when assembled it takes up minimal space. In addition, you can install plumbing yourself - it does not require special knowledge and experience.
  2. Cost The product is much cheaper than a bidet.
  3. Comfort. The device does not take up much space, so it does not interfere with the cleaning of the room.

Not without flaws:

To install the product, you have to dismantle part of the tile. This is necessary in order to lay the hoses, fix the structure.

For stable operation requires constant good water pressure. If the water pressure leaves much to be desired, you will have to spend additional money on the purchase of a thermostat.

Reference! Thermostat can be attributed to the merits of the product. It is necessary in order to mix cold and hot water, giving it a comfortable temperature. To do this, once set the desired position of the adjustment knob, and the thermostat will maintain the set mode. This is very convenient, as it can protect against burns.

If we talk about the appearance, the hygienic version is no different from the usual shower. Its package includes:

  1. Mixer.
  2. Watering can. In the hygienic shower, it is significantly less than in the usual version. This is due to the fact that the water jet should not disperse.
  3. Hose.

Types of fixtures

There are several options for adaptation. Despite the fact that they have a different look and mounting options, they are all easy to install. There are the following varieties:

  1. Toilet bidet. This is a special design in which the shower is built. The nozzle can be fixed in the design itself plumbing or retractable fitting. The control unit is installed in the tank to drain the water. The dimensions of such plumbing more than a conventional toilet. In addition, installing such a model is more difficult than other options. The cost of the product is higher.
  2. Cover bidet. Will make from the usual plumbing high-tech fixture. A mixer, a control unit that controls the gentle lowering of the lid, drying and water temperature is installed in this cover. There are electronic versions of the cover-bidet. These are more functional, comfortable to use devices. The disadvantage of an electronic product is one - the high cost.
  3. Wall construction. The easiest option hygienic soul. The mixer device is installed on the pipes running in the bathroom. The holder itself is mounted on the wall next to the toilet. The watering can is connected to the mixer with a flexible hose. The device is easy to use - first you need to set a comfortable temperature mode on the mixer. Water supply is regulated by a button located on the product watering can.
  4. Built-in model. The mixer of this design is installed in the wall and revetted with tiles. It is not visible from the outside. There are only flexible hose and watering can. This option looks more aesthetically pleasing, but it is not always possible to install the structure - space is required for mounting the mixer.
  5. Shower connected to the sink. This option is suitable for a combined bathroom. Since there is a sink in the room, the easiest option is to connect a device to it. To install it, you will need to purchase a sink mixer, which will have a hose outlet. The advantage of this device is that drops of water after the shower is turned off will drain into the sink. The rest of the product is no different from the usual wall-mounted shower.

How to install a shower for toilet

Before proceeding with the installation of a structure, several steps should be taken. First you need to assess the size of the room and determine the location of the product relative to the toilet. If you have any difficulties, you can spend a kind of "fitting." To do this, sit on the toilet lid, close your eyes. Stretch your hand to your side. Use a pencil to mark the place.

Attention! The optimal height for fixing a hygienic shower near the toilet bowl is from 60 to 80 cm from the floor. Also it is necessary to take into account that the flexible hose of the construction should not touch the floor covering.

After that, you can proceed to the installation of the product. The sequence of actions will depend on the chosen fixture model.

If the dimensions of the room do not allow to install a bidet, you can choose the option of mounting on the wall or built-in shower.

How to install:

  1. The mixer should be mounted on the wall, bring water to it.
  2. Connect the flexible hose to the product watering can.
  3. In a convenient place to mount the holder for the watering can.

The installation algorithm of the cover-bidet is as follows:

  1. You must first shut off the water supply to the drain tank and drain all water from the tank.
  2. Remove the hose through which water enters the tank.
  3. Remove tank lid. Clean the inner surface of the tank from lime and rust.
  4. Set tee.
  5. Then it is necessary to fix the hose going from the tee to the drain tank.
  6. Using bolts, fasten the side plates and plugs to the plumbing support structure.
  7. Secure all connections with a gasket.
  8. The last step is to connect the tee to the base of the toilet and test the system.

The easiest option is to install the shower under the sink. You only need to purchase a special mixer and connect a hose to it.

Hygienic shower - a useful device. In addition, the cost of construction is lower than that of a full bidet. Learn to use the product even a child.

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