Why in the bedroom near the bed put a bench

Equipping the bedroom, we come up with a design so that the room becomes the most comfortable place in the apartment. We study design tips, strive to select the most comfortable furniture, choose the wall decoration that is most suitable for rest, think over every detail. For example, a bench near the bed. She is present in almost all interior photos. But that photo! Is it really necessary at home? Let's figure it out!

Appointment of the bedside table

Today you can see a wide variety of stools installed at the foot of the bed. Widespread this piece of furniture received in a classic interior. But soon the couch began to be used in modern designs. And not by chance, because it is the most functional product.


Bench performs several functions in the bedroom.

  • Give a chance sit down and rest without having to change bedspreads on the bed. As a rule, models with sufficiently soft, but at the same time well-shaped seats are chosen for this. They are comfortable to relax before bedtime, read a book or watch TV without getting into bed.
  • She is comfortable put a blankettaken from the bed made.
  • She is will become a storage place dropped robe, extra pillows or other soft things that will interfere on the bed.
  • Can before bedtime you should put spare pillows or covers next to it in case it gets cold.
  • ANDUsed for storagewhat is important in a small room. It is only necessary to choose furniture with a box.
  • Banquette becomes a real interior decoration. A skillfully made bench on twisted legs or a simple, concise and most functional product will perfectly complement the bedroom, made in any style.

How to choose a bench for a bed

Have you already understood that a bench is necessary for your bedroom? Now you need to choose it correctly! A wide range can drive to a standstill anyone. In the salons are presented classic wooden models, and hardware.

Tip! Sometimes, instead of stools, it is more convenient to use two soft poufs or a small table, chest or shelf.

It all depends on the functions that will be assigned to this subject.

  • Think over the design of the bedroom in advance and "fit" a bench in it. Subsequently, you will not regret your choice.
  • Choosing colors and furniture design, you need to start from the overall concept of bedroom design. This may be an item that goes with the bed. And you can make the bench bright accent the entire room.
  • In a small bedroom with limited storage space, you can put a low chest of drawers with pillows. There can be folded underwear, shirts and accessories for sleeping. Very comfortable and beautiful.
  • In spacious rooms small banquettes will look appropriate, where you can relax after a hard day's work.

Making out the bedroom? Or want to change the annoying interior? Think of the bench by the bed! She will easily cope with the tasks and make the bedroom especially comfortable!

Watch the video: Build a Bench from an Old Bed Frame - Wood version (February 2020).


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