Cast Iron Bath Restoration

A bath, like any other product, loses its attractive appearance over time. Chips, scratches, cracks form on the surface of the bowl. At the same time, the replacement of a bath is a rather troublesome event, and the purchase of new plumbing can form a tangible gap in the family budget.

Several options for restoring the surface of a cast-iron bath can help in this situation. They are often resorted to by experts, but the restoration of the bowl can be done on its own.

All ways to restore the cast-iron bath at home

There are several ways to return plumbing attractive appearance:

  1. Installation of a new liner. The main advantage of this option is the ease of installation.
  2. * ++. Even a person who does not have experience in working with plumbing can cope with work. Minus of installation - it is often difficult to choose a liner that is suitable in shape and size. If you have a bathtub of an irregular shape, this method will not suit you.
  3. Coloring with a special composition. To do this, use a spray or paint brush.
  4. "Bathtub". The method allows you to restore baths of various forms. You can do this yourself.

At the same time, an important step in each option is surface preparation:

  1. The surface must be well prepared, so the old coating should be completely removed. Optimally, if the layer will be removed before the primer. To do this, you can use the sandpaper with a large grain or grinding machine.
  2. The entire surface of the tank must be thoroughly cleaned of the old coating.
  3. Dirt, dust, enamel fragments should be removed.
  4. If there are deep defects, they must be repaired by using a car putty.
  5. You also need to remove the faucet, dismantle the drain.
  6. Cover the washing machine, sink and other interior items, and seal the surfaces adjacent to the tank with masking tape.

Only after this can you begin the restoration of plumbing.

How to update a cast iron bath with enamel yourself

The method is quite simple, so you can do on their own. At the same time, it is possible to enamel not only a bath, but also sinks, a shower stall and other sanitary ware.

It should be understood that enamel is not an ordinary paint, but a complex chemical composition of various polymers. You also need to know that this enamel is not similar in quality to the factory, and the technology of application eliminates the stage of roasting in a furnace. Therefore, a new coating will last 2-3 years.

How to do:

  1. First you need to prepare the composition. To do this, the base and hardener must be poured into a deep container, mix thoroughly. Exact information is indicated on the packaging of the composition.
  2. Using a brush or velor roller, gently apply the product on the entire surface of the tank. First make horizontal strokes, then vertical ones. This must be done carefully so that there are no unpainted places.
  3. Before the first coat is dry, apply the second one using a similar technique. Brush the resulting smudges of enamel with a brush.
  4. The bottom of the bowl must be covered with an additional layer of solution.
  5. The last step is drying. It should pass only in a natural way. Therefore, you do not need to speed up the process with a hairdryer - so the coating will dry unevenly. Completely dries up within a week.

Important! If you decide to use a brush, soak it in water for 24 hours. So the stubble will not get out of it. Enamel has a pungent smell of chemicals, so the restoration of the bath should be carried out using a respirator.

Acrylic recovery or bulk bath

"Bulk bath" - a modern way to restore the surface. Despite the novelty, the technology quickly gained popularity, because it is easily performed on its own, and the new coverage will last for 10-15 years.

To carry out restoration work, follow these recommendations:

  1. For convenience, pour acrylic into a suitable container and place it on the bottom of the tank - this way you will not stain the surfaces adjacent to the bowl.
  2. Starting from the corners of the bowl, pour acrylic onto the surface of the tank with a thin stream. The composition has a thick consistency, so it flows evenly on the sides and bottom of the product.
  3. Apply several coats of acrylic.
  4. Take a spatula and carefully level the composition. This must be done starting from the middle of the tank and to its bottom. You must completely cover all the gaps. To do this, lift the acrylic from the bottom of the bowl and evenly distribute it with a spatula.
  5. The final stage is drying. The coating should dry completely, so plumbing can not be used for three days.

Reference! The density of the acrylic composition allows not only to return the original appearance of the plumbing, but also to eliminate irregularities on its surface.

It is possible to restore the surface of the bath, to return it to its original appearance, without resorting to the services of a master. In addition, this will save the family budget, because replacing plumbing is an expensive event.

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