Can I throw toilet paper into the toilet

A trash bin standing near a toilet bowl and filled with used toilet paper can unbalance even far from an esthete. Therefore, most people try to get rid of toilet paper, throwing it after use in the toilet and flushing with feces. And then the question arises: would not such actions lead to clogging of the sewage system, because the paper, swelling from the water and accumulated in the pipe, can completely block it?

Toilet paper has no place in the toilet

Many experts categorically do not advise to flush toilet paper in the toilet, and the motivation is quite serious.Let's understand in order!

Toilet paper use:

  • in apartment buildings;
  • in the private sector;
  • in public places (cafes, restaurants, cinemas, gas stations, etc.).

The days when the soft spot was wiped with pages from old books and magazines or newspapers have long gone. Getting into the sewage system, they did not dissolve, and often, accumulating and clogging up the pipes, plumbers were forced to suffer. With toilet paper, this does not seem to happen, but not so simple.

If in an apartment building instead of corrugations in the sewers installed pipes of smaller diameter, and the slope was not observed, as expected, then the pieces of cellulose will accumulate, and the blockage from paper is a matter of time.

In the private sector, their problems. If a pipe with a diameter of less than 100 mm is installed in the sewage system, and its length exceeds 5 m, and there are still twists and turns in the construction, then toilet paper cannot be thrown into such a sewer system! But even if all the required standards are complied with, during pumping out the drain hole, accumulated swollen pieces can completely destroy the pump.

Paper towels should not be flushed down the toilet, as they do not soak well and will definitely lead to clogging.

In the restrooms of the cafe you can often see signs that strictly prohibit flushing the used paper into the toilet. This is due to the fact that public places are usually visited by many more people than in a residential apartment or house, and if every visitor flushes a piece of paper into the toilet, it will not have time to move through the pipe, a lump will accumulate and the clog will form very quickly.

Paper that can be washed off - is there such

Manufacturers of toilet paper do not sit idly by and constantly improve their product. While some of the rolls are thick and soaked in half an hour, others produce products with a loose base, which creeps away in the sewer pipe in literally minutes. And the third went even further and came up with a paper that is completely dissolved in water. It is this paper that can be thrown into the toilet without the threat of blockage. So before buying carefully read the label!

For residents of the private sector, there is also a way not to accumulate toilet paper in a bucket, but immediately get rid of it through the toilet. Only that in the accumulation tank the paper is completely dissolved, you will have to use an active septic tank. (special bacteria that process it).

What do plumbers say

Plumbers, who most often have to pierce blockages in sewer pipes, insist that toilet paper is not always the main cause of congestion. There are things that under no circumstances should not be drained into the sewer:

  • feminine hygiene pads or tampons;
  • diapers;
  • leftovers;
  • hair and animal hair;
  • pieces of rags;
  • washcloths;
  • plastic bags;
  • construction garbage;
  • candy wrappers.

It is also undesirable to flush chlorine-containing detergents into the toilet, even those intended for cleaning the toilet bowl.. They are able to kill the beneficial bacteria that are designed to process feces and toilet paper.

What to do in case of a blockage

Even if you do not throw foreign objects into the toilet and carefully fold the used toilet paper in a plastic bucket, this does not mean that you have insured against the "cork" formed in the sewer passages.

If this happens, grab the plunger.. Install it into the toilet hole so that the rubber part is completely hidden in the water. Having made 5-10 jerks, sharply pull out the plunger. If the blockage is not critical, this should be enough for the water to start to leave.

But if the "relief" did not come, proceed to the mechanical cleaning with a flexible cable with a special nozzle at the end. After inserting it into the pipe, scroll the handle until the cable “finds” the blockage. Sharply pulling the cable, you will break the paper jam, and part of the blockage will follow the nozzle. Just do not try to push him back into the toilet!

Did not work and the second attempt? Then you have to call plumbers who will resort to hydrodynamic flushing of pipes.

Now you know the answer to the question of whether it is possible to flush toilet paper into the toilet, which means that you are insured against unforeseen and very unpleasant situations, such as clogged sewers.

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