DIY brick grill

Barbecue is not just a device for frying meat at the stake, it is an indispensable attribute of cultural rest on your site. You can not only fry meat on it, but also prepare other dishes. Smoke products, boil fish soup, bake vegetables, etc. Such a structure will serve as an additional decoration of the entire site, so you should approach the development of the project thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Choosing a place for the barbecue

Choosing a place for the construction of the brazier, it should be understood that meat will not just be grilled here. There should be a rest area around. Near it you can sit on the sun loungers, put a table. Sit with friends over a glass of ice-cold foamy drink. It does not seem that your plans include the construction of a barbecue, the use of which does not bring comfort. When choosing a site for the future brazier, some rules must be taken into account:

  • BBQ should be located next to the resting place;
  • There should be a specially prepared and level ground;
  • you must have a good approach to the device, if possible not one;
  • there should be water nearby;
  • need protection against precipitation;
  • the construction should be located away from cultural plantings.

When choosing a place, you should take into account the direction of the wind.

Important! Since the street barbecue is a source of fire danger, it should be located further from the buildings, as well as from the parking area.

Designing a brick grill: types and schemes

To order the construction of a barbecue on a summer residence is a pleasure not the cheapest. However, if the hands grow from the right place and there is at least some experience in working with bricks, then it is quite possible to build a simple barbecue on your own. The necessary elements must be foreseen in advance. It is worth thinking about the smokehouse, grill, cauldron before the first brick is laid. There are a lot of different drawings on the Internet.

Attention! Design is a crucial moment. Many lovers of outdoor recreation, collecting barbecue, do not use drawings at all. The design that results is suitable only for growing flowers in it. Of course, a good result, but the meaning was different. When choosing a project, start from the dimensions of the future structure, and the size of the site will also affect this. Design the size of the firebox based on the amount of food you plan to cook at the same time.

The length of the firebox is one hundred centimeters. This length is enough for ten skewers. In width - enough 62 centimeters. The platform for frying should be slightly higher than the belt of the one who will be the main kebab. Since a stationary brazier is a decoration of a site, do not forget to consider this when designing a structure and choosing a place for installation. Set the back side so that it is not visible or decorate, but do not forget about fire safety.

DIY simple barbecue

The foundation is the foundation of any structure. Even such a small design as the brazier below requires good support. Like it or not, the foundation will need to be poured. It can be tape or tiled. Naturally, the stove is more reliable, winter frosts are not afraid of it, which means that the structure will not suffer.

The foundation for the brazier should exceed its dimensions by about fifteen centimeters. The first step is to remove the turf. If the need arises, then a small pit is made, with a depth of 15 centimeters, which is covered with rubble and rammed. If possible, then for these purposes it is better to use a vibrating plate.

Depending on the type of foundation chosen, the formwork is assembled. In order not to think about strength - it is better to make a reinforced foundation. You can use rods for this. Concrete for the foundation - M200.

If, while construction is ongoing, the air temperature is at around plus twenty degrees, then a week after pouring the foundation, you can continue to work. By this time, concrete has almost 50% strength.

It is time to lay down the waterproofing. First, we lay roofing material or other rolled types of waterproofing. Top cover with a liquid waterproofing composition. Now you can start laying brick.

The design of this street barbecue is so simple that even if there is no experience, it will be easy to fold. Outwardly, it is made in the form of the letter "P". It consists of two parts - the brazier itself and a nearby table. The design is easy to make changes. If you wish, you can add an additional section, the width can be easily changed, the depth can also be modified. If you plan to cook a lot of barbecue, you can lay out two ledges under the wire rack.

Standard sizes are as follows:

  • in width - 180 centimeters;
  • in depth - 90 centimeters;
  • in height - 100 centimeters.

For masonry grill, not only chamotte, but also solid brick is suitable. In total, 202 pieces will be needed.

The lower part is laid out using a cement-sand mixture. The proportions should be one in three. You can add one part of lime. Above the fifth row there will already be heating. Here, instead of cement, clay and sand are used. The finished solution should resemble sour cream. Only not the one in the store, but normal homemade sour cream.

To get a smooth masonry you need to pull the cord and lay on it. At the same time, do not forget to check not only the rows, but also all the bricks using the building level. The verticality of the rows is checked using a plumb line. It can be purchased ready-made, and you can do it yourself. A plumb line is an ordinary rope with a weight tied at the end. Vertical masonry accuracy can be checked by level, but it should be borne in mind that it has an error.

The ordering scheme of this construction is elementary and will not cause questions. If there is no precipitation, the brazier must be kept for four days, after which you can gradually light a fire in it. Day two should be heated carefully. To lay thin firewood. And then you can fry the kebabs.

What is the feature of the construction of the barbecue in the gazebo: step-by-step instructions

If you want to place a brick grill inside the gazebo, then the option described above is not suitable, since the design will be a source of smoke in the room. Here a different approach is required, namely, a design with a pipe for drawing. And although it’s more difficult to fold such a barbecue, you can cope. Consider a fairly simple order, with which you can cope on your own, without attracting extraneous forces.

Average construction size:

  • width is 150 centimeters;
  • depth of 75 centimeters;
  • total height 217.5 centimeters (without pipe).

The cold part can be laid with ceramic bricks. The furnace zone should be laid out with fireclay bricks.

Until the eleventh row, a mixture of cement and sand is used, and then clay and sand. Seams should be no more than seven millimeters in thickness. It is important.

The design includes three compartments where you can stack firewood, coal or other fuel. The furnace zone starts from the twelfth row. This is a place for fire, the installation of grids and racks for skewers.

Since this design has a more complicated order, it is necessary to clarify the situation. The first row is placed at the floor level of the gazebo.

Four rows should have a dressing. This will be a place for firewood. On top of the fifth row are three metal strips. They should be three millimeters thick and fifty millimeters wide. The sixth brick row is laid on them. We install both the sixth and the seventh strictly according to the scheme.

Starting from the eighth row, we lay out cameras for various trifles. The seams must be monitored carefully. They do not have to match the previous rows. This achieves the strength of the masonry. Where a circuit requires, brick needs to be cut. Not only halves, but also fourth parts are used.

The eleventh row has no wall, but again it is necessary to lay metal strips on it. The twelfth row will be slightly larger than the rest. The back wall is the same as the previous ones, and in front it will protrude three centimeters.

The thirteenth row is continuous. A roasting pan will be placed on it.

Having reached the twenty second row, start using fireclay bricks. There will already be a front wall of a smoke exhaust pipe, you will need a corner. This row will be larger than the others in size: in front of the bricks protrude three centimeters above the corner. Further wider, then gradually reduce. With each row there is a decrease in the channel for smoke. Starting from the thirtieth row, we form a pipe. It must be raised above the roof no less than half a meter. Erecting a pipe, alternate the thirtieth and thirty-first row.

Options for simple barbecue equipment

If there is a desire to supplement the design with other elements, then you need to prepare the necessary drawings. Any additional element complicates the project, therefore errors cannot be excluded. Most often in the designs there are cutting tables, a place for washing, a stove.

Cutting table

Add a cutting table to the design of the grill, quite simply:

  • for this you need to lengthen the back wall - complicating dressing with a central rack;
  • the design is complemented by another wall;
  • a countertop is placed on this wall.

You can place a cutting table on either side, the main thing is to be convenient.

Cooking plate

In addition to barbecue, sometimes you need to cook other dishes that require the use of pots or pans. There is a need to add a frying surface to the structure.

This can be achieved using the following steps:

  • the structure, starting from the bottom row, lengthens;
  • a wall with a hole for the furnace is being erected;
  • the hob is complemented by cast iron rings, which allows you to adjust the heating.


The design will complement the sink. You can bring a water pipe to it, or you can simply install a water tank.

Bringing the pipe to the sink complicates operation, as this will require a complete drain in the winter and preservation of the system.

When working on the barbecue area, the main thing is to be patient, be attentive and show imagination. You can always come up with and build something of your own, which no one else will definitely have.

Watch the video: How to build a brick barbecue (February 2020).


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