And your castle will resist the robbers?

Do you like uninvited guests? And if they come in the absence of the owners, they prefer to leave before they return, and when leaving their home they grab some very valuable "souvenirs"? Even if you are sure that there is “nothing to take” in the house, and visitors can see this, it is not pleasant to find traces of the presence of unceremonious upset visitors. Unfortunately, many had the unfortunate opportunity to make sure that the castle is not an obstacle for those wishing to enter the house. What to do? Waving your hand and relying on luck or still take care of the reliability of constipation? Is there a lock so that turning the key inspires confidence in security?

Even a novice will open these locks

The sad leadership in the list of the most unreliable castles is occupied, according to knowledgeable people, by a crossbar (rack and pinion) and cylindrical.

  • Crossbar. Just look at the key. Experts say that the simpler the configuration of the key, the less problems it presents to crackers. Such a lock will be opened even by a beginner.
  • Cylindrical. The basis of the mechanism is a cylinder, which is also called a larva. A few minutes will be spent on autopsy with the proper selection of aids, depending on the type of lock:
    • Phillips (English) cylinder lock, opens with a Phillips screwdriver. Do not even think to put it on the door;
    • pin - inside the mechanism there are steel pins on the springs, the location of which coincides with the key pattern. The pattern is simple, the hacking process is short, alas;
    • o disk differs in "stuffing" from cylinders of various heights. It presents some difficulty for key selection.

But any ingenious combination of grooves and grooves will not stop even the most inexperienced thief, he will not stomp at the door, tinkling with a bunch of master keys. Against the scrap, or rather, a set of a hammer and a metal attachment, such a "guard" has nothing to oppose. The larva is simply knocked out of the castle, and - welcome.

Locks that will delay a professional thief

Yes, unfortunately, they will not stop, but the cracker still has to tinker with. Sophisticated designs and magical electronics defend the integrity of the home. True, such a guard will force the owners to fork out.

  • Combined locks. By combining various types of mechanisms, you can achieve interesting results. First, the first opens and the second lock is released, and after that the lock opens. A sophisticated combination will make even a professional work. 40 minutes or more.
  • Electronic locks. Retarded housekeepers with mechanical devices will retreat in front of such locks; it is useless to apply lock picks and more powerful tools to a code reader. The highest level of security. Super secret codes. One problem: if the manipulation of mechanical devices can make a noise and attract the attention of others, then the uncle with the gadget will not make anyone wary - well, the person has delayed at the door - maybe he is chatting with his girlfriend or sends an urgent message to an important client.

Is there anything reliable, but cheaper?

Reasonable question. Let's not put an end to the cylindrical locks - if there is an armored plate protecting the cylinder in the kit, it is quite capable of withstanding robbers. Not forever, but the burglars will have to sweat and make some noise, and during this time the police outfit caused by dissatisfied neighbors will arrive in time.

By the way, in the design of combination locks a combination of a cylindrical and level mechanism is used.

The lever lock is one of the most reliable; in its manufacture, plates with a unique carved pattern are used. The key to such a lock is very difficult to find. And breaking it is almost impossible. Two hours will be required to eliminate this impregnable guard of the front door.

Of course, any reliable lock on a flimsy door that keeps in the opening only due to mounting foam will only amuse thieves. Therefore, the installation of doors must be given special attention.

And completely free - an additional degree of protection. Good relations with neighbors. Perhaps the robbers will not even have five minutes to open the doors of the house, if a suspicious rustling causes alarm for your well-being among those who were at that time at home. Imagine, our grandmothers didn’t lock the doors at all.

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