Unusual use of cutlery

Do you like to give a second life to unnecessary things? Then urgently review the old kitchen utensils! Suddenly there are spoons, forks and cooks lying around? They are tired of gathering dust in a dark corner and more than thank their owners for the right to change their original functionality. They make unusual, very original interior items, decorations, crafts. Yes, cutlery is not necessary to use only during the meal!

Custom cutlery use

As a rule, cutlery made of aluminum, stainless steel is stored in our homes, and occasionally wooden ones are found. It doesn’t matter what material the items found in home bins are made of. It's important that they are all processable: they are bent, drilled, polished, decorated.

We will tell you how and where to find application for updated cutlery.

Creating Decor Elements

Inspiration can come from restaurant interiors. Why not borrow decor ideas from them and transfer them to your own kitchen.

Wall panel

A wooden board, a baguette frame, liquid nails and a few different-sized spoons or forks - from such a simple set of objects an interesting wall panel is obtained.

Variations can be infinite. As a base, a regular burlap or a piece of canvas is suitable. Forks and spoons do not have to be glued - they can be sewn on, attached with ribbons.

Advice! Several panels made in the same style - an excellent decoration of the wall above the dining table or an empty wall in the narrow kitchen.

Genealogical tree

No less successfully fit into the interior genealogical tree with medallions from flattened spoons.

Photos of family members are glued to the medallions. Then placed on any image of the tree.

Decorative dolls

Are there wooden shovels received "as a gift" with products? Throwing them away is a pity, but no idea to use? A few decorating techniques, a piece of colorful chintz - and the spoon turned into a doll.

It remains to find her a place on the shelf, on the wall. A whole company of such dolls will successfully fit in a wooden mortar! The child will play with them without distracting mom. And their funny faces with a sly look will surely amaze guests who come to the house.

We use unusual, but practical

It may seem that crafts from old things, although pleasing to the eye, are of no practical use. Do not rush to draw conclusions! Make sure this is not the case. Hooks from spoons, furniture handles from knives, candlesticks in ladles - all this is intended for daily use.

Hooks and Holders

Advice! To make a hook from the fork, you will need to bend the handle, and in the part with the teeth, make two holes. They will be needed to attach the hook to the wooden plank.

Fork teeth can be bent in different directions. If you bend the extreme ones forward, and the middle ones backwards, you get photo holder.

Why not on this holder put smartphoneto view the recipe during cooking.

There are not many holders and hooks! The house always has something to hang on them, for example, houseplants. The implementation of this idea is good to take out of the walls of the kitchen: on the balcony, cottage, in the yard.

Did previous generations get painted wooden scoops and spoons? Do you want to not just flaunt them, but in such a way that they are useful? And for them there are several ideas. If you screw them with a scoop to the wall, then the stalk becomes holder for tacks, towels or the right little things.


And what about the clocks on the dial of which knives and forks are displayed instead of numbers?

Suspension to the chandelier

Every housewife has cutlery, which is used extremely rarely. It's too early to let them cut or rework. Are there any options for their alternative use? There is!

Wooden shovels, skimmers, long-handled spoons, asparagus tongs, caviar blades - this can be used to make suspensions to the chandelier.

If necessary, they can simply be removed, put into business for their intended purpose, washed and again sent to "work" with decoration.


This idea will appeal to real men who want to make an unusual gift.

DIY jewelry made from cutlery requires imagination and perseverance. But as a result, a unique thing will appear and words of appreciation from the beloved woman will sound.

What jewelry is made from cutlery? Yes, any: pendants, brooches, rings, bracelets. Very noble, almost like silver crafts look from cupronickel.

Why plastic cutlery comes in handy

For children's creativity! For special products for creativity, parents give completely “non-childish” money. In search of an answer to the question of how to reduce the cost of the creative process, the eyes of adult family members necessarily dwell on inexpensive household goods: napkins, cotton pads, plastic plates in the company with disposable devices.

Material benefits

Plastic has several advantages.

  1. To work with it, nails, screws, hammers and drills are not needed.
  2. It bends easily.
  3. Paint lays well on it.

If several packages with plastic spoons gather dust in the house, then the problem of crafts in kindergarten is solved elementarily.

DIY Ideas

In twenty minutes from three spoons with cut off handles it turns out ladybug. One spoon is a black body, the other two are red or orange wings. It remains to stick a button or bottle cap - this is the head. The final touch is a wire antenna.

Flowers, christmas trees, peacock tail - All this and much more can be done together with children from plastic spoons.

Do not rush to part with objects "with history", they will still serve!

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