Rating of cast-iron bathtubs

A cast-iron bathtub is an old reliable "friend" of any family. In addition to the large weight of minuses, she has practically no. Not surprisingly, with a fairly wide range of materials, today it remains one of the most popular. So, which cast-iron bath is better to choose?

Selection options

The bathroom in the apartment can be separate or combined, large or small in size. In addition, everyone has their own idea of ​​comfort and certain financial opportunities. Therefore, when buying a bath, its characteristics are taken into account:

  • dimensions (length / width / depth);
  • the proposed location (in the corner, against the wall, in the middle of the bathroom);
  • the form;
  • weight;
  • price;
  • equipment (legs, siphon, cork);
  • additional options for increased comfort (handles, headrest, non-slip coating, hydromassage, etc.).

Of particular importance are the features of the care of the product and the warranty period.

Top 10 best cast-iron bathtubs

The common advantages of cast-iron bathtubs include:

  • sustainability;
  • slow heat transfer;
  • good noise absorption;
  • durable coating. It can be cleaned by any means, even containing acid and alkali, the main thing is not to overdo it with the processing time.

Cons are considered:

  • heavy weight;
  • a small variety of forms.

We present the rating of the most popular copies. Dimensions - length / width / height - are indicated in centimeters.

Goldman ZYA-31

Goldman, founded in the late 80s of the last century, is the leader in the production of bathtubs in China. A distinctive feature of its products is a three-layer enamel, the basis of which is titanium powdercreating a perfectly smooth, corrosion resistant surface.

Model ZYA-31 is a freestanding bathtub on adjustable legs made of chrome steel with dimensions of 180/80/50, with a capacity of 250 l, weighing 156 kg. The average price of 32 thousand rubles.


  • spacious (suitable for tall and large people);
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • enamel is one of the most durable;
  • "pimpled" bottom coating;
  • Pens are included.

Of the shortcomings, only massiveness can be noted.

Eleganza schale

A refined oval-shaped bathtub from a German manufacturer will appeal to true aesthetes. Additionally, you can purchase a floor mixer with shower head. It has three options, depending on the color of the legs (and mixer):

  • Gold - gold;
  • Chrom - chrome;
  • Antique - antique bronze.

Parameters - 170/75/48, weight 159 kg, the price ranges from 91 to 110 thousand rubles. depending on the configuration.


  • originality;
  • the possibility of various acquisition (legs, drain-overflow).


  • luxury price;
  • a lot of weight.

Jacob Delafon Adagio De Lux

The brainchild of a French company - exclusive model with soft outlines and comfortable armrests designed for maximum relaxation at home. Spacious, 170 cm long, 80 cm wide and 45 cm deep, it weighs from 120 kg, holds up to 214 liters and costs from 103.5 to 154 thousand rubles.

Possibility of equipping:

  • headrest;
  • handles;
  • a hydromassage system with intensity control, including acupuncture foot massage and Shiatsu massage;
  • chromotherapy.


  • a complete set of "pleasures";
  • 25 year warranty;
  • safety (anti-slip coating, protection against "dry" inclusion);
  • semi-automatic overflow overflow.

Disadvantages: high price.

Artex cont

Products are manufactured at enterprises in Hong Kong on Italian technology on European equipment. A wall-mounted rectangular bathtub with a multilayer enamel coating containing titanium is one of the most durable. With a width of 70 cm and a depth of 42 cm, it is available in lengths of 120, 140, 150, 160, 170 cm. Useful volume - from 117 to 188 liters, weight from 85 to 105 kg. The cost of the largest model does not exceed 19 thousand rubles.


  • perfectly even enamel coating resistant to cleaning agents;
  • acceptable price;
  • lighter than many other cast-iron "sisters";
  • wide size range.

Minuses: a guarantee of only 5 years.

Castalla prime 180

Product of the Italian long-lived brand (150 years on the market). Long (180), wide (80), deep enough (48) of a classic rectangular shape, with a capacity of 242 liters, weighing 165 kg. Without pens it will cost about 45 thousand rubles, with pens - 5 thousand more.


  • capacious;
  • anti-slip coating (notches);
  • legs are adjustable;
  • can be purchased complete with handles.


  • heavy;
  • enamel coating uneven in thickness;
  • according to reviews of some consumers, the bottom with notches is quickly contaminated and difficult to clean.

Novial Archimed

The manufacturer is a Spanish brand, born in 1958. The bottom shape is rectangular, the walls are trapezoidal, without any rounding. Dimensions of the product 170/80/50, weight - 189 kg, average price - 87 thousand rubles, volume - 285 liters. Can be mounted on legs that are height adjustable or can be integrated into the podium thanks to a flat bottom.


  • record capacity;
  • eliminates slipping;
  • strong four-layer enamel with the addition of titanium salts;
  • Warranty - 25 years.


  • heavy weight;
  • high price.

Roca akira

The Spanish company Roca has been on the market since 1917 and produces several models of cast-iron bathtubs. The Akira series is original in design - the bowl is slightly curved, the drain and overflow are located in the center. Safety provides anti-slip coating. At the request of the client, it can be equipped with a handle (not always included) with a headrest, as well as an aero- and hydromassage system, color illumination, and electronic control function.

Main characteristics:

  • sizes - 170/85/42;
  • volume - 225 l;
  • weight - 96 kg;
  • price - from 46 thousand rubles.

Manufacturer's product warranty - 10 years.

A small "fly in the ointment": during installation, it may be difficult to install it on the wall, since the sides, like the bowl, are somewhat bent.

Jacob Delafon Parallel E2947

The factory for the production of cast-iron bathtubs of the French brand Jacob Delafon was launched in 1926, products appeared on the Russian market in 1994. Parallel modifications - rectangular bathtub. Despite not the largest dimensions - 170/70/45 - it is quite spacious, it will intervene 129 liters of water with a weight of 91 kg. The average price of 60 thousand rubles.

Of the additional amenities - wall tilt from the back, ergonomic headrest and anti-slip coating. The most pleasant bonus is a 25-year warranty.

A small drawback is the very narrow sides on which it will be impossible to put hygiene products.

Roca continental

Another line of the Spanish Roca - Continental with a rectangular bowl and steep walls - designed in the traditional classical style. Simple and elegant, without additional decor, It will harmoniously fit into the interior of any bathroom.

Available in all standard sizes:

  • 100/70/37, 95 l, 90 kg;
  • 100/70/41, 94 l, 90 kg (sedentary);
  • 140/70 / 40-42, 144 l, 90 kg;
  • 150/70 / 40-42, 161 l, 73 kg;
  • 160/70 / 40-42, 170 l, 125 kg;
  • 170/70 / 40-42, 182 l, 78 kg.

Snow-white super-smooth glossy enamel (6-layer application) does not turn yellow with time. Can be installed without legs due to low center of gravity. Two options for covering the bottom: regular glossy and anti-slip. Depending on the size, the price varies from 22 to 32 thousand rubles. Manufacturer's warranty - 10 years.


  • large size range;
  • sloping bottom, water goes into the drain, does not stagnate.


  • unregulated height of legs;
  • lack of technical support;
  • the line of a side is not always equal.

Station wagon VCh-1500 Nostalgia

A bathtub of domestic production, coated with enamel, with the usual dimensions of 150/70 / 44.5 cm, weighing 96 kg and a maximum capacity of 96 liters. The beads form a rectangle, so it can be leaned against the wall and pushed into a corner. The unshakable design will not roll over, even if you decide to place it in the middle of the bathroom. The price of such a bath is from 13 to 14 thousand rubles.


  • the cheapest;
  • compact but not small.


  • slippery bottom surface;
  • Warranty no more than 2 years.

To become the happy owner of a new cast-iron bathtub, do not be too lazy to carefully examine all the characteristics and configuration of products that are in the passports or on the websites of suppliers before buying. And after delivery of the selected product, check the quality of the coating, components and documentation to avoid unpleasant surprises during installation, receiving water procedures and caring for the bathroom.

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