9 tricky ways to easily open a can with a screw cap

Each housewife uses jars with twisting lids for preserving blanks for the winter.They are incredibly easy to use and easy to use. Yes, and time can be saved significantly in comparison with conventional covers for rolling.

True, there is one difficulty: it is very easy to close such a bank, but sometimes it is not at all easy to open.No matter how you try to do it, it does not give in to. Having tried a lot of ways, we often start asking to open a can of the one who is strongere. However, in fact, everything is much simpler, and there are many ways to open such a complex lid without assistance.

Why these banks do not want to open

Twist-off is the name of the tin caps to twist.Their popularity is justified by the possibility of reusable use. They can be held not only because of the presence of thread. The principle is very simple: during the preparation of canned food, the can is infused with boiling water or steam, and at this time the polymer coating softens. In the process of cooling, the top is drawn inward, and the twist strength is ensured by the vacuum effect. This makes it possible to close the seam extremely tightly. Thanks to the creation of a sealed environment, the ingress of microbes is excluded, moreover, the products become suitable for eating for a long time.

To reuse such covers, open them carefully.You can use a special key or unscrew it manually, with considerable effort. The reasons that prevent the opening:

  • wet and slippery hands;
  • retracting more than the required value due to low pressure;
  • a jar of honey, jam or jam can be high in sugar, and the lid simply sticks to the neck.

It is necessary to unscrew the cover strictly counterclockwise, since it is twisted in the opposite direction.

Before unscrewing, the cover must be inspected. If it is swollen, it can not be opened. This suggests that the products inside have deteriorated. Opening the cover may fly off and cause injury. One must be very prudent with such a defect.

There is also the likelihood of glass entering products. If you see chips or cracks, do not touch the jar. The inside is guaranteed to get air, and the contents have deteriorated.

Can opening methods

In most cases, banks open easily, but sometimes you may encounter a number of difficulties. Someone can just knock, and the lid can be easily unscrewed, but not always. You can suffer for hours and not get the proper result. Fortunately, there are plenty of proven ways to handle the naughty cap. We list them.

  • Bump. This is the easiest way. It is necessary to turn the jar over and hold it on weight. Then you should knock on the bottom. Or vice versa, put the jar on the palm and knock on the lid. In most cases, it will open only if your workpieces are not sugared and the lid does not stick.
  • Special key. Canned food is suitable, it is guaranteed to be in the kitchen of every hostess. It acts in two directions: twisting and unscrewing. Its main advantage is that the key does not damage the lid and glass. If you don’t have one yet, you can purchase it at any hardware store.
  • The usual laws of physics. Use a regular belt, just slide it into the clasp. In the loop that turned out, insert the jar and tighten it tight, while guiding it clockwise, and the lid in the opposite direction. The bank will open easily.
  • Improve the coupling. The hands and the jar itself must be dry and fat-free, because this is often the reason for the difficulties in opening. A rubber or silicone glove is suitable, you can take an ordinary kitchen towel. Perfectly increases grip and plastic film or sandpaper. They can be put on the cover and start to unscrew. It is necessary to make considerable physical effort, so if your hands hurt, this method will not work.
  • Roll. A very effective way: put the bank on its side and roll around the edge of the table in different directions. Most importantly, this should be done by the edge of the cover. The tight-fitting lid will relax and unwind easily (you will hear a characteristic quiet pop).
  • Heat. It is enough to draw warm water into a bowl and lower the jar with the neck down. After 15 minutes, you can remove and open. No effort required. Flowing hot water will do. Under the influence of heat, the lid expands and easily loosens. You can also use a heated towel or boiling water.

True, in the latter case, you should be extremely careful: if the can is cold and the water is very hot, then the glass may crack.

  • Depressurize. The lid is under a strong vacuum and retracted so tightly that it cannot be opened by ordinary scrolling. The most important thing is to ensure the flow of air into the can. You can take a device to remove the caps from the bottle, a knife or other sharp object and slightly pry the lid. Hearing a characteristic cotton, you can unwind. A gap of 0.6 mm is enough to get air into the jar. Try not to damage the neck and do not break the glass, otherwise it will fall into the product.
  • Thread lubrication. This method is relevant for containers with honey or jam. Turn the jar over and put a couple of drops of sunflower oil in several places. Then you have to wait 25 minutes (this is enough for the oil to penetrate everywhere and lubricate the surfaces) and unscrew the cap. In the future, it will not stick to the neck for a long time.
  • Knock. You can simply knock on the jar with something wooden or plastic. The main thing - do not damage it. If the lid is not stuck and does not stick, such actions will quickly help open the can.

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