Bulonnica or plate: which is better for the first

Our memory works like a time machine, but only in one direction. If you go back thirty or forty years ago and go into a china store, then there will not be some items there. No, not because of the deficit, just then they did not even guess. Take at least a stand for tea bags - it successfully replaced the usual saucer, and now continues to do so. Today there are so many dishes, it is so diverse that the choice is very difficult to make.

Among the many sets, bowls, plates, salad bowls, bouill dishes are sure to be present. True, not everyone knows that the intended purpose of the bouillon is to serve the first courses. So why buy a bouillon if you are used to using deep dishes in the house?

Deep plate

Of all the kitchen utensils, the plate probably has the longest history. She appeared much earlier than a spoon. The first containers for food, resembling a bowl, according to the excavations, were quite deep to hold the liquid. Since then, much has changed: the form, the material, the decor has appeared, the functionality has been divided.

reference. Deep dining, otherwise - soup, plates are designed for the first course. They usually have a diameter of 20 to 24 cm and contain from 250 to 500 ml of food. Most often have a round shape, but in recent years, square and triangular plates are gaining popularity.

The classic soup plate has sloping sides that prevent the broth from spilling onto the table. But not only in this their role. Raised edges are needed to remove excess liquid from the spoon while eating.

The most familiar form has sloping edges, but they can be almost parallel to the table. In such plates are served sauces, creamy soups.

Important! In a plate with wide sides, the food cools quickly.

Bowl-shaped deep plates are very popular. They have practically no sides, they are the “working” part of the tank. Therefore, such plates have a smaller diameter, it is convenient to store them. In addition, when serving, do not worry about blurring the edges.

reference! When serving dishes with the first dish it is customary to put on a placeholder plate (showplate).


Sometimes there is another name - a bouillon cup. This name is quite justified, the bouillon reminds an ordinary large cup. The main difference from the cup is the size and capacity up to 500 ml..

Classic bouillons have two handles that make it easy to carry dishes to the place of the meal. Modern design idea is very mobile, so there are models with "ears" or with one handle.

Important! When serving, broth basket with one handle is set so that the handle is on the left side.

According to the rules of etiquette in such cups serves broths, which follows from the name. As well as puree soups and filling soups, in which the ingredients are chopped very finely. It is not forbidden to drink liquid residues from a cup with one handle, moreover, to hold it with your left hand.

And in the presence of two pens to drink over the edge is not accepted.

Reference! From bouillon eat dessert spoon.

A deep plate, bowl or bouillon - they all have the same purpose, made of identical materials. If so, how to make a choice in favor of a particular subject?

What to choose: soup or plate

Selection tips traditionally sound like this: "pay attention to the manufacturer, only branded products are of high quality." This is true, but quality products are also found in ordinary supermarkets.

Therefore, in choosing one should be guided not by a single motive.

  • Does brand matter? Then you should visit branded stores and make a choice, based on the existing range.
  • Is space saving important? It is more reasonable to stop on deep plates in the form of a cup or soup bowls with "ears".
  • Do you have to cook for several days at once? Get bouillon cups, they are convenient for heating the first course in the microwave.
  • Do you like culinary delights? Cooking multi-color and multi-layered soups? Then the transparent glass bouillon is just a godsend. It will view each layer.
  • Do you choose dishes for small caprilez? Prefer anatomical forms. This requirement is best met by children's cup-shaped dishes. It is convenient for capture by small handles. In addition, the child is "important moment". He will certainly finish everything "to the bottom" in order to examine the drawing that has opened up. Hence the conclusion: the deeper the dishes - the more the baby will eat!
  • Need to pick up the dishes that are suitable for those in the house? Then we start from the shape, color, pattern. Will it be plates or soup bowls - a matter of taste.

Finally, the most important criterion: from the dishes should be comfortable to eat! It turns out only by experience.

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