Pros and cons of a bath of cast marble

Cast marble - sounds solid! True, it is difficult to imagine the process of casting a stone, although a bath of such material looks solid and noble. What is it really a product from? Analysis of manufacturing technology and the idea of ​​the "correct" composition will help not to miss with a choice of bath.

Likbez on cast marble

Natural marble, of course, was not without cost - it is present in the composition in the form of crumbs left over from grinding of defective slabs or pieces of stone after the manufacture of various objects. Almost crushed crumb practically in flour is mixed with resins, which should not be more than a fifth of the entire composition. Only a deviation of 2% is considered acceptable, otherwise the performance of the bath will deteriorate..

Important! Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers "chemist", replacing the crumb on quartz sand (or diluted them with the composition of the technology). But this porous material is not able to become the basis for a durable product, and when trying to cut a hole under the drain, chips are formed, and cracks will go over the entire surface of the bowl.

The production technology includes a number of stages:

  • formwork preparation: the material will be poured into the exact form - the more accurate, the better and more expensive. Important! At this stage necessarily applied to the walls of the gelcoat form - this mixture will provide the cup with a smooth and durable protective layer. Neglect of this procedure will not allow to get a quality thing at the exit. A dye should be immediately added to the gelcoat: if you dye the bath on top of all layers, a uniform color throughout the coating thickness will not work, and in the future the process of bath repair will become more complicated.
  • the mixture is poured into the mold in compliance with the requirements for temperature (18-23 °) and humidityand - otherwise the composition is deformed;
  • casting is carried out under vibration, ensuring uniformity of the mixture in the space of the formwork, preventing the formation of voids;
  • the composition dries and crystallizes - while maintaining the same temperature;
  • at the finishing stage, when the composition has hardened completely, the formwork is removed, and the surface of the product is refined: casting defects are eliminated, the walls are polished and polished.

The cast marble bath remains a bit "infused", acquiring final strength before installation and operation. Then she gets to the happy owner.

Important! An exclusive form to order will cost more than the standard.

Advantages of cast marble

"Marble" bath (made according to all the canons of technology!) characterized by high strength of the surface capable of withstanding severe mechanical stress, while remaining smooth and smooth. This is facilitated by a high-quality polymer base, resistant to abrasion. Thin walls withstand heavy loads due to the integrity of the material structure. If, after all, a nuisance like chipping or scratching happens, it will be possible to restore the surface on the spot without dismantling it.

Connoisseurs of comfort will be pleased with the properties of this acquisition: the heat-insulating qualities of marble casting help the water to stay warm for a long time; pleasant to the touch and the surface of the bath. Having connected the hydromassage system, you will not encounter wall shake, as in an acrylic bath: casting marble successfully quenches vibrations and excess noise. Even the system "tropical rain" will not hit the ears.

A big plus is that cast marble is easy to clean, being resistant to household chemicals, and the bacteria on its surface do not have favorable conditions for reproduction.

Finally, That's very beautiful - You can order or purchase a bath, painted under any breed of natural marble - blue, white or with pink streaks.

Tip! The marble bath is indispensable for creating antique or Italian interiors. It will fit in the classic style of the bathroom.

Material disadvantages

The main disadvantage is high price: a significant proportion of natural, albeit second-rate, material, the complexity of the manufacturing process. However, the indisputable advantages of the product justify all this.

Luxury plumbing do not rub with abrasives - the protective coating will be damaged (by itself preventing the accumulation of dirt).

Tip! Buying care products, carefully read the composition! No acids should be. Ideal special gels and sprays.

Cast marble "not friendly" with water. No, it is possible to lie in the bath for hours, but after a pleasant procedure, make sure that there are no puddles on the surface - this is fraught with the formation of yellow spots, which can not be removed by traditional lethal means by the conditions of the coating.

Important! The slightest bias when installing the bowl will result in problems with the drain.

Dropping a heavy object in the bath, be prepared to incur costs: the restoration will "cost a pretty penny"!

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