Why don’t give cutlery

Perhaps you think that a set of quality cutlery is a great gift. But tradition warns: it is impossible to present it! Why? Let's get it right.

Why it is forbidden to give cutlery

Sets of tableware suggest the presence of large and small spoons, forks, often knives. Items from such sets can lead to disappointment and failure. Or negatively affect the outcome of the initiated business.

Important! To avoid unpleasant consequences, esotericists recommend refraining from giving piercing and cutting objects.

And if you do not take them into account, you have to admit: spoons, regardless of their quantity, are not a very interesting option for a gift. They are also better not to present as a gift.


Once they were very popular as a presentation, were given for various holidays until the 19th century. Then presented wooden painted, inscribed spoons. And rich people could afford expensive instruments made of precious metals with inlay.

But gradually the tradition of giving spoons is gone. Today, such a gift has a negative connotation.

Important! It is believed that the person who received the spoon will slurp problems.


Bad gift option! Taking it into our home, we attract demons.

Important! All piercing and cutting objects from ancient times are used by black magicians to induce damage, curse, rift of fate.


Esoteric forks have fewer problems than knives. They often equate them with scissors, needles, which should also not be given.

Important! It is interesting that troubles await not only the person accepting gifts, but also the donor.

Therefore, do not try to annoy someone in this way. According to the law of the boomerang, all evil returns handsomely.

Important! Church ministers do not pay attention to the signs and interpretation of gifts. They believe that the intent of the giver is much more important.

A giftable spoon

Despite the negative attitude to cutlery as gifts, some spoons can be given to dear and beloved people. They will bring only luck.


A silver spoon is often presented to a newborn infant or child whose first tooth has erupted. It makes a lot of sense, being a protection and a talisman.

  • From evil eye, spoilage, bad languages. Silver is considered the purest metal that protects from evil spirits. It was a silver bullet that was used to destroy vampires.
  • From diseases. Silver dishes have a bactericidal effect. It will change the energy of water and products, help to gain strength, health.


You can also give small spoon for money. Such a thing for a wallet is considered a useful souvenir. She is symbolizes profit, opens the way to wealth, carries an exclusively positive meaning. It does not matter what material such an item is made of.

How to present cutlery without undesirable consequences

If you really want to give a dear friend, sister or other relatives a chic cutlery set, then with the consent of the future owner It can be done. Just consider some nuances.

  • Presented only with new cutlery. Carefully inspect the kit. There should be no dents, marriage, scratches on forks, knives, spoons.
  • When giving new cutlery from the owner take a coin. The denomination of the money does not matter. The purchase ceremony itself is important, thanks to which we remove the negative message from ourselves and the owner.

Present or not table sets - everyone decides for himself. But it’s important take into account the opinion of the person to whom they are presented. Keep in mind that impressionable people may find all this a bad sign. They will be afraid of trouble, they will want to get rid of the presentation soon. Such a gift can cause a gap, understatement and other problems.

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