What dishes do not let you down in the oven

Cooking in the oven is a fairly quick and not very troublesome task. Here you can bake both juicy chicken and vegetables. And delicious biscuit cakes are baked quickly. But so that you have the opportunity to cook different dishes in the oven, you should choose the right dishes. An ordinary plate will not work, because it will simply crack due to the heat. We will tell you what dishes will not fail in the oven.

Which form to choose

The shape of the baking dish depends on what you decide to cook.

  • Round. Considered classical, since in it you can not only bake chicken with potatoes. It is also actively used for baking: pies, cakes, etc.
  • Oval. Great fit for baking fish with a vegetable side dish. It provides convenience, because the fish is placed in such a shape in full length.
  • Rectangular. Convenient for cooking lasagna, baking fish and meat. This form is universal and most popular among housewives.
  • Curly. Forms in the form of a heart, flower, rhombus are usually used for desserts. And children like shapes in the form of cartoon characters.

Advice! An experienced housewife in the arsenal has a variety of forms for the oven. If you are taking the first steps in cooking, buy a rectangular one.

Which material is best suited

Oven baking dishes are made of different materials.


Traditionally, metal ovens are used for ovens. It is made from a wide variety of metals and alloys.

  • Cast iron. Such containers are quite reliable, provide good baking, and the dish will not burn. However, cast iron products are quite heavy. Another disadvantage is the difficulty of removing used oil or fat, which is "absorbed" into the metal.

  • Enamelling. Also cast iron with an enamel coating. It improves the quality of care for dishes. However, it has a temperature limit (up to 220 °) and requires careful handling.

Important! Do not use enameled dishes with defects (cracks, chips) for baking in the oven!

  • Stainless steel. One of the most common types of cookware for the oven. Such items are unpretentious in use. They are usually available with a non-stick coating, since without it the pastries will burn. Applies to affordable budget options.

  • Teflon coated. Modern dishes are increasingly being produced with such a coating, it does not give food to burn. Such forms are expensive, and if mishandled, the coating may chip. This makes their further use impossible.


Experts recommend the use of ceramic containers primarily for extinguishing. And housewives confirm this, gladly serving ceramic pots to the table.

Attention! Never use dishes with chips or cracks, as they contain air bubbles. Such a bubble can expand when heated, and the dishes will crack right in the oven. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully inspect the container before use.

To enhance the effect of baking, such dishes are usually placed in a tray with water. Because porcelain and clay containers draw moisture through the pores. And then it boils, and steam allows food to be better baked.

It should be remembered that hot ceramics become fragile, it must be handled carefully, avoiding bumps or falls.

Important! Ceramics absorb not only water, but also particles of food, as well as its smell. To prevent this from happening, it is not recommended to use such containers to store food in the refrigerator.


The material is considered ideal in the kitchen. Its main advantage is that it has non-stick properties and is easy to clean.

The shape may be damaged, as it is afraid of open fire. You should also not cut pastries directly in the mold.

Reference! Silicone has a large temperature range. In this form, you can not only bake something, but also freeze berries, fruits and vegetables. And while the characteristics of the material will not change.


Tempered glass has become an excellent material for dishes. Baking or stewing in such forms has become increasingly common. An additional advantage of such items is a high level of environmental safety. This is due to the absence of impurities.

At the same time, it should be noted that glass requires careful care and does not tolerate a sharp change in temperature.

How to choose dishes for the oven

  • If you choose a form for baking, then it makes sense to look at the products ceramic coated. In this case, the likelihood of burning is significantly reduced. Especially this kind of tableware is suitable for beginner housewives.
  • Black coated steel baking sheets Do not use for a long time. This is burnt butter! It builds up over time, becoming a repository of carcinogens, and this can threaten your health.
  • If you purchase baking trays, pay attention to sides. They must be necessarily highthen the juice from the filling will not leak.

Now you know which dishes are best for cooking in the oven. Good luck in cooking and bon appetit!

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