Types of sockets with electronic timer. Which one to choose?

Automating the on and off of electricity is a useful thing for both home and office. With this device, you can easily control the power consumption and save yourself from routine work. Using the socket with a timer, you can control the watering of plants or the work of lighting. These sockets regulate heating and household appliances.

With mechanical timer

To mechanical types include sockets withsimple the timer. They are included with a special drum. Such devices work up to 24 hours. Mechanics give much less opportunity, but the quality of work is no different. In addition, the price for such models will be significantly lower than for electronic versions.

Mode of outlets with a mechanical timer cyclical. For example, She will work under the scheme "15 minutes after 15 minutes." The parameters in such a model are not set, they are already set by the manufacturer, therefore, when purchasing a mechanical model, it is necessary to study its characteristics in detail in order to select the desired one.

The mechanical model has a special drum with markup.. With it, the whole process of the device operation starts. To configure the device, you need to set the desired interval on the drum and observe the work.

Socket with electronic timer

Sockets with electronic timer provide the ability to customize all the automation in the house. The most common models can be programmed for the whole week.and they will work offline.

Important! Today in the store you can also find models with the possibility of programming for a month. Due to the electronic timer, the socket for a month works according to a certain algorithm.

On complex electronic timers there is special LED screen that simplifies the setup process. In a standard device The display has the following keys: up, down, delete, activate, reset all settings. With their help, the owner has the opportunity to choose the desired mode.

To set up the device, you need to use the keys to select the mode of operation and press the activation button. If you have already dealt with the setting of the smartphone, then to cope with the electronic timer is not difficult.

Top 7 best models of sockets with a timer

The most proven and high-quality models of outlets with a timer include:

Theben timer 26

A simple model of the German manufacturer Theben. Its main feature is that it famous for its reliability and durability. Switching modes is accompanied by a special click.. When working absolutely no sound, therefore, will serve as an excellent option for home.

Maximum allowable device load - 16A. The model has no display and backlight. The company has established itself well in the market. It produces only high-quality, high-strength models. One significant disadvantage is the price, which is 1500-2000 rubles.

Theben Timer 26 IP44

The mechanical model, almost identical to the previous version, however, has one feature: protection against moisture and dust. This is an important parameter if the device is installed outside.

All other parameters are the same as for Timer 26. Current 16A, control - mechanics. Due to the fact that the device is made of high quality material, it will cost around 3000 rubles.

E.Next e.control.t11

Simple mechanical model from domestic manufacturer. The socket is famous for its European quality, which is why it is so popular in the construction market. The cost of the outlet is 450-600 rubles. Pretty budget option of good quality.

E.Next e.control.t14

E.Next is also famous for another high-quality model e.control.t14. it electronic version of the outlet with a timer. The device is able to work seven days in the prescribed mode. It has all the necessary parameters for quality work.

The current strength, as in previous models, does not exceed 16A. The cost of the device is not more than 800 rubles, which is quite budget for this option.

Feron TM22 / 61925

Russian company that produces budget options for outlets with a timersuitable for our conditions. The socket is famous for its build quality and stylish design. However, the manufacturer gives the device only 14 days of quality assurance. This may alert, but dissatisfied consumers have not yet been.

Maximum load 16A. The device has an electronic timer with a maximum weekly period. there is small displaywhere you can make all the necessary settings. Also on it time is displayed. For the budget price (750-900 rubles.) Worthy option.


Electronic option with a minimum timer - 24 hours. There is a display where settings are displayed, and the whole range of possibilities. It is possible to set the cyclical, as in mechanical versions.

Current up to 10A, for a standard apartment this is enough. DigiTOP PB-1C has a decent quality and reliability. Socket price - 1200 rubles.

HS Electro T-10c

Domestic company produces electronic timer outlets. There is a daily programming, which is more reliable than mechanical. In the settings there are several modesthat facilitate the work. Allowable current - 10A.

Sockets with a timer - a great alternative to standard models. They help save energy and provide security. It is very easy to configure such devices. It is enough to understand, understand the parameters and set the desired mode.

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