Why is it better to buy new furniture than someone with hands

Recently, it has become popular to buy things that are dear to our heart through ad sites. Very often there you can buy cheap furniture and not overpay for new items from the store. But is there any danger in such a saving? We will understand thoroughly.

Unpleasant new tenants under the upholstery

The well-known name "flea market" came to us from previous times, so was the name of the market where used cabinets, dressers, sofas and other interior items were sold. They harbored a multitude of unsympathetic creatures. Of course, now it’s difficult to imagine such an outcome of events, but it is quite possible! Who among us would like to buy a cute sofa and then bravely fight the bugs? And they bite very painfully!

Experts in the field of medicine agree that dust mites, which like to occupy the old soft upholstery, become a source of allergy.

It turns out that this is a dubious purchase option, which is able to give us, instead of resting on the couch, a sleepless night and insect problems. Even a chest of drawers may come as a surprise and bring cockroaches.

Discard dubious savings!

Orthopedic mattress is expensive, so some people tend to save money and buy a product that has already been used.Dubious pleasure, since “smart” technologies remember the shape of the host’s body, recesses are formed that are as comfortable as possible for the previous owner, but not for you. It turns out savings on their own health, and the spine for us thanks for sure will not say! And about insects I mentioned above.

Degree of wear

I will pay tribute to the former Soviet (and not only!) furniture.The use of natural wood, high-quality plywood and chipboard made the case very durable. Some items over time become a real rarity and grow in value. It is likely that under the shabby surface of the table of the last century, strong wood is hidden, which will last more than a dozen years!

Of course, you should properly care, wipe the dust, twist the legs and carefully clean. It is better to immediately buy purchased antiques to restorers who will help to bring a gloss, to get rid of insects and unpleasant, strange smells.

Restoration or ordinary constriction is cheaper than newfangled counterparts from chipboard.

Power industry

Gradually, I got close to the most burning issue.Very many people are extremely prejudiced towards such acquisitions. What is the reason?

Each dwelling is endowed with its own unique aura.. When we live in a room, we arrange it in our own way, arrange sets on each shelf or store books, someone plant flowers, and someone cats. During life, a person experiences a variety of emotions: love, hate, joy, grief. Birth and death also bear their imprint on life and the environment. Pay attention, what silence reigns in the apartment, from where just carried out the dead man? It is likely that his relatives will want to sell their personal belongings, having paid for the funeral or simply in the process of carving the property. Personally, I would not want to sleep on a bed that carries the negative emotions of a serious illness and death!By taking away someone else's things, we will, willy-nilly, become complicit in the life of the previous owner, so many impressionable and superstitious people buy only new closets and chairs, go to the store, spend time searching, ensuring their own peace of mind.

When choosing a tree should pay attention to the breed. Aspen, spruce, bird cherry, poplar and alder belong to the energetic vampires, they quench the human biofield, and therefore are not used in the decor of the room.

As a result, I can offer three options for the development of events:

  • never under any circumstances to buy used sofas and beds from a feeling of disgust;
  • to treat mebel against parasites and change the upholstery, at the same time getting rid of foreign odors;
  • if you believe in energy, be sure to sprinkle it with holy water, read a prayer and light a church candle.

What to choose? The choice is always ours. Only we decide how to approach the purchase: in terms of practicality or in terms of superstitions and old signs.

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