Why pour vinegar in the washing machine

Today it was the turn to open their secrets with vinegar. This excellent and little more than replaceable tool is useful to the hostess in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Amazing properties allow him to work wonders. But first things first!

Instead of the usual air conditioner

Indeed, after washing with the usual 9% vinegar, things become much softer, they pleasantly touch the skin and do not at all cause a feeling of stiffness and causticity. It is enough to pour half a glass into the compartment for the conditioner during rinsing, vinegar softens towels especially well.

Experienced housewives recommend soaking things before washing in diluted vinegar for at least an hour.

Keeps color

How unpleasant that familiar feeling is when a beloved white T-shirt gradually acquires a yellowish tint or slowly but surely turns gray! It turns out that a dilute acid can carefully bleach without damaging the fiber structure. In addition, she retains other colors, allowing for a very long time to enjoy the original form of clothing, without spending a lot of money on expensive chemicals.

If you use too much powder, then a soap scum forms on things, which we can also get rid of by such a simple method!

Instead of stain remover

Very often we see advertisements of miraculous liquids capable, as if by magic, to get rid of any hardly removable stain. They cost decently, and it is easy to replace them: vinegar will remove the fresh traces of contamination of various origins.

To enhance the effect, you can add soda. A chemical reaction will not leave a spot a chance!

Antibacterial property

Acetic acid is able to destroy the main types of bacteria that safely take root in the home and on human clothing.At the same time, it will save things from the unpleasant odors of sweat and the "tags" of pets, because these peculiar smells arise due to the reproduction of microorganisms.

When we get tired of old perfumes and we buy a new cherished fragrance, at first a slight mixture of smells is felt, as a lasting perfume can remain on the fabric for some time, absorbed into the fibers. Vinegar is able to remove all traces, allowing you to enjoy the purchase to the full.


Helps to remove static electricity. This is especially true for those who keep cats or dogs at home. Clothes made of wool and with a fleecy surface remarkably collects all the pets' hair on themselves, being covered with indelible "needles." After washing with vinegar in the washing machine will be very easy to remove all adhering wool!

According to the same principle, rinsing of hair with essence works, they cease to “shoot” sparks when combing and fit well into a hair-do.

Cleaning the washing machine

The device also needs careful care and regular cleaning! To do this, just pour a little liquid into the powder receiver and run the run-through program without loading. The machine will be protected from scale, mold, bacteria, dirty plaque and unpleasant smell. Prevention is recommended for at least once a month.

Periodic use is useful for cars!

For children's things

Even the most famous manufacturers of children's powders and gels for washing things, there are cases of allergies.Vinegar is a natural remedy, it does not cause redness and itching on the delicate skin of an infant. At the same time we carry out disinfection, which is especially important for infants, helping to get rid of pathogens.

How much to pour

There are two measures: a glass and a half glass. Half a cup is used when it is necessary to replace:

  • air conditioning;
  • antistatic;
  • bleach;
  • color freshener;
  • for handling items purchased in second-hand.

In these cases, the liquid is poured into the compartment for the air conditioner.

The glass is poured into the receiver of the powder, when we need "heavy artillery" to remove complex stains, processing the washing machine itself. For an integrated approach, you can pour vinegar in all compartments, achieving all goals at once!

Expensive chemistry is not always worth the money, because there are excellent folk recipes that can really surprise!

Watch the video: How to Put Vinegar in Clothes Detergent : Home Cleaning Forever (February 2020).


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