How to connect a USB flash drive to a laptop?

Inexperienced laptop users often encounter problems that are actually easy to solve. So, even such a seemingly simple task as connecting a flash drive can cause difficulty. Further in the article we will consider in detail how to work with them correctly so as not to create unnecessary troubles for ourselves.

Work with a flash drive for beginners

The first step is to insert the drive correctly. This is a pretty simple task. To do this, examine the surface of the device, and find for it special hole. Usually there are several, side or back. Next to them are usually headphone and microphone jacks.

Every modern laptop and even a tablet or TV has USB ports.. Connector marked with a branching icon and it’s easy to find out. It is important to correctly position the contacts of the device relative to the contacts of the USB connector. Usually the name of the manufacturer is on top.

Tip! A flash drive is inserted before turning on the laptop or after it is fully loaded. Otherwise, it may not be recognized by the system, and you will have to use a reboot.

If the operating system works smoothly, then it will find and install the drivers itself, and then open the autorun window. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. It happens that users wait a couple of minutes, but no action happens. This may be due to either a hardware malfunction or a software malfunction. To start You should remove the USB flash drive and try to insert it into another port.

Check its health better on another laptop. If the flash drive connects without problems, then, obviously, the point is in the connector. There are ports that, while connecting a large number of devices at the same time, some do not see due to lack of power or RAM.

If the flash drive does not connect, and there was a lot of valuable information on it, then it will have to be carried to a service point. If there was no particularly important data, then it is more logical to replace it with a new one.

Attention! If you can’t insert a flash drive the first time, then you do not need to apply force. Just flip the drive and try to insert it again.

A laptop

A laptop is a small copy of a personal computer. It contains the same details, only a smaller size. Therefore, such devices are much more expensive..

Due to its compact size, this device is very convenient. You can easily take it with you and do business anytime, anywhere.

Flash drive

This is one of the most popular and convenient storage media. A flash drive is reliable and extremely rarely fails. The product is not afraid of scratches, falls, and more technological developments even tolerate swimming in water.

Knowing their quality characteristics, many users are lost when the flash drive begins to "buggy".

Reference! A flash drive is a modern analogue of the once popular and obsolete floppy disks.

How to use a flash drive?

Once the flash drive is inserted, you can get started. Follow these guidelines:

  • Open My Computer. This can be done either through the Start menu or through the desktop.
  • Should appear appropriate icon called "Removable Disk".

  • Open the flash drive(KINGSTON (F :) left click .

  • Further the contents of the drive should open: all files and folders written to it.
  • You can use a USB flash drive just like a regular disk: various types of documents can be copied both from it and onto it. It is important to know that its speed is lower than the speed of the hard disk. Therefore, working with her takes a little more time.
  • Transferring any document from your desktop to a USB flash drive is easy. Just drag the document into the selected flash drive folder with the mouse, and release it. This is the easiest way to copy.

  • One of the prerequisites for safe operation is that The drive must never be removed while information is being recorded.. This can lead to data destruction and device blocking.
  • To correctly finish the work and remove the device from the laptop, you must find the icon located in the lower right next to the clock. It is clicked once with the left button. This extraction will be safe and save information.

  • After the message that the equipment can be removed, the USB flash drive can be removed.
  • If, nevertheless, the physical extraction of the device occurred while recording files, then the USB flash drive can be reformatted. For this Right-click on the "format" item. After the process is completed, the drive will be cleaned and you can use it again.

Important! The name of the flash drive can be any. For example, "KINGSTON (F :)", where KINGSTON is the name of the manufacturer and F is the name of the disc.

The apparent ease of use of the information storage device often leads to careless handling of it, as a result of which the product may fail and fail at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, you need to know the simple rules for connecting a flash drive to a laptop.

Watch the video: Inserting Using and Ejecting a USB flash drive (February 2020).


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