Is it possible to wash oilcloth in a washing machine?

A tablecloth, as a household item, has tightly entered our everyday life since ancient times. She is protects the table from dirt and scratches, sometimes hides furniture imperfections or simply pleases the eye. Nowadays, fabric tablecloths are rarely used. Oilcloths gained great popularity. They are easy to maintain, practical and cost much less than a textile canvas. Sometimes for cleaning it is enough to walk a napkin on the surface. BUT sometimes the pollution is so strong that the oilcloth needs to be washed. The appearance of washing machines has made the process more convenient and faster, and therefore many housewives are wondering if it is possible to wash oilcloths in an automatic machine.

Types of oilcloths and how to care for them

They make blinds for bathtubs, tablecloths, various forms of napkins from oilcloth, they use it for medical purposes ... A huge assortment is on sale.

TOcotton basis - delicate material. It is erased well, but does not tolerate greasy and wine stains. It wears out quickly and easily breaks.

Teflon possesses water-repellent properties. It tolerates automatic washingbut does not withstand the high temperature of the water.

Silicone - dense, durable oilcloth. The special structure makes it durable. Great for cleansing as wiping and washing.

Polyvinyl chloride a tablecloth of the highest quality. It will last a long time, but it is better to look after it manually. Wipe with soapy water and wipe dry with a towel. After washing, it may become a little sodden and cracked.

How to remove stains?

General rules for washing in an automatic machine

Let's consider some rules:

  • Do not use aggressive bleaching agents.
  • Putting the material in the drum must be folded. Never crumple!
  • Use sparing mode only.
  • The procedure should be no more than 15 minutes, and the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • Do not use spin and drying modes.
  • Only wash items in a special grid.
  • As a means of cleansing is better take delicate gels.
  • Complex stains and mold traces are more effective to manually remove in advance.

Folk recipes

1. Soda slaked with lemon juice perfectly removes fat. To do this, just apply the mixture on a greasy stain and wait 10 minutes.

2. A mixture of soda and hydrogen peroxide will do fine with wine stains.

3. Laundry soap - one of the best means of cleaning since the time of our grandmothers.

4. Mold vinegar will do a great job.

Caring for oilcloth is not as difficult as it seems. In order for it to last longer and not lose its aesthetic appearance, it should be washed correctly, regularly wiped and ruled out damage by cutlery and hot dishes.

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