Brazier from a barrel 200 liters do it yourself

For the picnic season you need to carefully prepare. One of the most important attributes of a good outdoor recreation is a brazier. Currently, manufacturers offer various models that can be selected according to personal preferences. However, most of the options presented are very expensive, so many people resort to self-fabricating a suitable design.

Today in the article we will talk about one of the most simple and affordable methods of creating a structure in the home. It will focus on the model barbecue from a metal barrel, which is suitable for a large company.

Before you start preparing the tools and creating the barbecue from the barrel, it is worth getting acquainted with the basic design and features of its use. From this will largely depend on the requirements for the material and its further operation. Among the main features and principles of operation are the following design parameters:

  • the basis for cooking on the fire will be a barrel of 200 liters;
  • its two parts will be interconnected for quick cleaning of the inner surface.
  • the lower part will consist of several elements that are intended for the placement of coal and cooking meat;
  • the upper part of the structure will serve as protection against gusts of wind - also the upper cylinder can be easily closed so that the water does not fall inside the brazier when you are not using it.
  • for the convenience of construction, it is necessary to attach the legs to the brazier's body.

It should be understood that the metal should not melt easily and interact with food.

Attention! Choose an unpainted product, because the coloring matter and food are incompatible. If desired, you can cover the outer surface of a special heat-resistant composition.

If you want to create a homemade design, but at the same time doubt the correctness of the choice, it is worth considering the positive and negative sides of this option. The main positive qualities of homemade mangal include the following:

  • metal parts are used that are unpretentious in maintenance and care, they are fairly easy to clean, and can also be repaired in case of damage;
  • due to its size and shape features, the brazier fits easily into the car, which is very convenient when going to nature;
  • making a do-it-yourself barbecue will help save a lot - to create it you will need a minimum set of materials and tools;
  • An important factor is the safety of the structure; if used properly, such a brazier will reduce the risk of fire.

In addition to the advantages and positive aspects presented, the homemade barbecue from the barrel has its drawbacks. Of course, the disadvantages are much less; among them, for example, can be attributed only susceptibility to corrosion and oxidation. However, this problem is easy to fix - it is enough to remove the product into a closed room and not allow moisture to get inside the case.

Before the start of manufacturing, you should select materials and tools, as well as prepare the place of work. You can search for parts remaining after construction at home or in the country, as well as go to the store and purchase the missing items. To create a barbecue you will need to buy the following set of tools and materials:

  • the main element is a barrel of 200 liters, which can be purchased at the store;
  • diesel for cleaning and heat-resistant paint, if necessary, staining the barrel;
  • metal tape 25 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick;
  • several steel corners to strengthen the structure;
  • square tube with a side of 25 mm;
  • electric grinder with disc for metal and welding machine;
  • grinding machine with a set of grinding discs;
  • drill and drill bits;
  • Roulette, ruler, marker for marking.

Attention! It is important to flush the barrel, if before it was stored combustible or harmful chemicals.

After preparing the basic tools and materials, you can start creating a barbecue from the barrel with your own hands. The process of manufacturing a structure consists of the following steps:

  1. Rinse the inside of the barrel thoroughly and allow it to dry. It is necessary to remove all contents from the barrel, since the remaining combustible substances may ignite when the grinder is in operation.
  2. Using a tape measure, measure the circumference and mark two opposite points on the circle that forms the edge of the bottom of the barrel - the cut line will pass through them. It is necessary to note the points and on the barrel.
  3. Draw lines along the side of the barrel, connecting the points at opposite ends. Cut along this line using a grinder to divide the barrel into two equal parts. Observe safety precautions and use personal protective equipment.
  4. Now you can make the edging for fixing the barbecue. To do this, make a special attachment of the corners, you need to cook them together. The whole structure must coincide with the size of the barrel, so that it is securely fixed in the mount.
  5. Grill saw off the legs of the metal bar and weld them to the edging. You can use a straight or cross type attachment.
  6. On top of the mount you need to make a special grid or points for the location of the skewers. To do this, you can make cuts along the entire length or weld a special mobile tape with a grid.

After completing the work, the surface of the grill should be polished to give shine. If necessary, you can paint the brazier on the outside with a special heat-resistant paint.

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