How to choose an acrylic bath

Even some 16 years ago, when you came to the plumbing shop, you could observe slender rows of cast iron baths. There were no other options.

The modern buyer has a much wider selection of plumbing fixtures, as acrylic products are on sale. These baths are lightweight, durable, can be of various forms, so they quickly gained popularity.

But, as you know, the larger the range presented, the more difficult it is to make the right choice.

Let's deal with the question of how to choose the acrylic bath.

Acrylic Bath Features

As is clear from the name of the product, such sanitary ware is made of acrylic. It is produced in two ways, according to which the bowls are divided into two types: cast and extruded. Molded baths are much stronger than extruded baths. Therefore, such products will last you much longer.

Attention! It is quite difficult to determine by sight what type of bath it is. Therefore, when buying, ask the seller to provide accompanying documents, a certificate of quality. They contain all the necessary information.

The plasticity of acrylic allows designers to create bowls of various shapes and sizes. They are decorated with various elements of decor.

To make the product durable, it is coated with epoxy resins, and then installed on a metal frame.

What are acrylic baths

Baths are distinguished by two characteristics: the number of layers and the shape of the product.

  1. The number of layers. The strength and durability of the bowl directly depend on this parameter. Quality baths are made of acrylic sheet with a minimum thickness of 5 mm. To give additional strength, the product undergoes a reinforcement procedure - several layers of epoxy resin mixed with fiberglass chips are applied to the plumbing surface. The more layers are applied, the stronger the bowl will be.
  2. Plumbing form. It is possible to make a bowl of any shape from a flexible polymer.

For example:

  1. Rectangular. This is a traditional model of plumbing. Such a product fits perfectly into a room with any design. Mount the bowl parallel to the wall.
  2. Corner. The model is very popular. This is because the bowl of this form can be installed in a room of any size. The reservoir can be right and left directional. One side of the product can be rectangular or convex.
  3. Oval. Bath will be a real highlight of the room, making it elegant, original. But because of its shape, this design takes up a lot of space, so it is suitable only for spacious rooms. Such plumbing can not be called a full bathroom. Rather, it is one of the elements of luxury. It looks especially advantageous on a small pedestal. Usually such baths have additional features: hydromassage, water level sensor, aero massage, self-cleaning. Therefore, they can be used for carrying out spa-procedures at home. Such products are made exclusively to order.

Reference! If you need to install a bath in a room with a complex design, give preference to asymmetric models. If your sanitary corner has a large area, then you can choose a bowl of any shape.

Acrylic Bath Selection Criteria

Bath - an expensive purchase, so buy it for a long time. It is important to know what product specifications you should pay attention to before buying. Of course, you should take into account the advice of experts. But most you need to understand this topic.

Choosing a sanitary ware, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. The size. This is the most important parameter. First of all, estimate the size of your bathroom, the size of the door opening is important. Acrylic bowl should not occupy all the free space in the room. No less important are the dimensions of the product itself, because the level of comfort directly depends on them. The most comfortable bath is with the following parameters: height - 70 cm, bowl depth - 60 cm, width - 80 cm, length - 180 cm. A product with such parameters is suitable for most people.
  2. Wall thickness, the number of layers. The thicker the walls of the product, so it is stronger and more expensive. But "by eye" to determine this parameter is quite difficult. Choosing plumbing, touch its walls. So, a product with a wall thickness of 1 mm should not be purchased. A bath with walls 2 mm thick will last 4 years, 4 mm - 7 years, 5 mm and more - over 12 years.
  3. Surface. Bath cover should not have defects: chips, scratches, cracks. It should be smooth, smooth, evenly colored. If you find any defects, it means that the product is of poor quality or has been manufactured in violation of technology.
  4. Smell. The bowl should not exude sharp odors. Their presence indicates a low quality of materials from which it was produced.
  5. Frame Acrylic bathtub is installed on the frame, which gives the product rigidity. The design is a pipe coated with powder anti-corrosion paint. The quality frame has points of contact with the bowl only at the corners of the structure. If the edges are many - plumbing is fragile and you should not buy it.

The modern market of plumbing offers a wide range of acrylic baths, so it is difficult to make the right choice. When buying, be guided by personal preferences - the product must comply with them. Do not hesitate to ask the seller for the accompanying documents and a certificate of quality. So you can get the best bath that will last you for many years.

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