Is it true that hot water is more effective than cold?

Usually, people use hot water for washing and washing dishes. When we remove from the table - this is entirely justified, but washing things in this way is not always logical. What's the matter? Let's try to figure it out below.

Cold Wash - Myths and Reality

The main arguments in favor of hot water are the "grandmothers" suggestions:

  • cold water can not remove strong pollution, which means that the thing will not work to clean qualitatively;
  • granules of washing powder dissolve only at a higher temperature.

We hurry to dispel these myths and outdated ideas about cold washing:

  • Forget about worrying about the cleanliness of your dress. It is possible for modern powders to remove any stains in the form of stains, regardless of temperature. A good detergent guarantees an excellent effect even in cold water. Various bleaches equipped with special "chemistry" penetrate deep between the fibers and wash off any dirt. Excellent help - foam generators for some types of washing machines. Here the powder is completely dissolved in water, and then this solution enters the drum.
  • The powder consumption to obtain the best possible result is exactly the same as in hot water, and not a drop is increased. Moreover, some spots in hot water only “stick” to the fabric more, and do not disappear.

  • The statement about the disinfection of things during hot washing did not justify itself. The main part of bacteria dies during drying in the fresh air.. A towel for the kitchen and bath is best pre-soak in a solution of detergent and only then wash.
  • With the wrong choice of washing temperature, many are faced with the problem of hopelessly spoiled things. With the cold mode, you have nothing to fear from structural changes in matter, especially wool and others from the category of “delicate” and “sensitive”. Favorite thing does not sit down to a child’s size and does not turn into an immense hoodie, it does not appear multiple holes that violate the structure of the fabric.
  • The fabric will remain bright and rich for a long time.while in hot water a beautiful red blouse can become faded with a dirty tint. Some types of matter such an effect is generally contraindicated.
  • Cold water will save you from such trouble as white stripes of various shapes on washed clothes. This is especially true for dark things. They spoil the look and reduce self-confidence.
  • Cold rinsing removes the soap solution better and more successfully from the space between the strands of matter. This is facilitated by surface tension, when soap droplets, taking the form of balls, are easily washed out of the fabric.

To properly rinse a thing, you must observe the following rules:

  • matter from natural threads absorbs soap solution well and requires a longer rinse;
  • synthetics and natural fabric are incompatible, so they rinse separately;
  • rinse things at least three times, and squeeze well each time so that the powder “leaves” with the water;
  • special attention to clothes for children and underwear - they rinse up to five times;
  • a small amount of antistatic will not allow the accumulation of static electricity in things.

Cold water and dishes

Our hands are much more comfortable in warm water, so housewives always open a hot tap.

If the kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, then what kind of water to wash - no difference.

Important! A good liquid remedy will perfectly split the fat and cope with any impurities in cold water. It remains only to pull out the plates and arrange them on the shelf.


An essential "advantage" of hot washing is the "winding up" of kilowatts. Its frequent use in everyday life greatly increases the consumption of electricity, which hurts the wallet.

If you reconsider your habits, which are hardly justified, then payment receipts will no longer be so frightening with their totals.

Important! When you turn on the washing machine, most of the electricity is consumed just for heating water. And this is a lot - 90% of the total.

Cold mode eliminates all these problems. So use hot wash only when absolutely necessary.

Watch the video: Hot vs Cold: Benefits of Drinking Hot Water vs Cold Water (February 2020).


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