What is the difference between a ladle and a cook?

Kitchenware of good quality is, above all, the ability to cook with great convenience. No matter how developed technological progress and modern technology, but without the usual accessories in the kitchen can not do. For example, without a big fork, skimmer, shovel, ladle and povereshki. There are so many utensils that it is not surprising to get confused in its name. Let's figure it out together. And let's start with ladles and povochek.

Kitchen Relatives

If we turn to the meaning of the word "ladle", we learn that it means the measure that measures the bulk products.

But this word also has a more familiar meaning - spoon for spill. And still such spoon in olden time was called cook. This name stuck to this day, you can often hear it in everyday life of many families.

We specify the name

Cook and ladle are synonymous. In meaning they imply the same value - spoon for spilling liquids.


it device for spilling liquids. Its volume is more than 100 ml. It is also used when stirring a large amount of liquid food in a saucepan.

The ladle must have a long handle so that it is more convenient to spill food on plates and collect liquid from a pan or a tureen.

In the old days ladle made from wood. Modern products are made of stainless steel, aluminum. And sometimes produce a non-stick coating (like that used in pans).


The word "cook" in the Russian language has two meanings:

  1. Big deep spoon for spilling;
  2. Straining spoon with special holes.

The similarity of the ladle and the povёshki

As you can see, the meaning of words is the same as the use of these items.

It is easy to find similarities in their form.

Reference. Both items are based on a deep spoon and a long handle. This allows you to get the liquid from any saucepan size. And do not burn your hands with steam or hot liquid.

There is a difference!

Despite the great similarity, the difference between the objects is still there. It also helps to correctly name the products in the future.

  • To size cook, much morethan a ladle.
  • Ladle used in tureens, to pour hot liquid food already at the table on the plates. Cook is needed to pour food from the pan.

What to consider when choosing

  • It is necessary to select products made from material resistant to moisture and high temperatures. It is important that the material is durable. Then this kitchenware will last a long time and will be passed down from generation to generation.
  • The stores are always presented with several product options, it is worth choosing with regard to practicality. No matter how pretty the little ladies looked with decorative handles, for example, from plastic, but you should pay attention to the products made stainless metal.
  • Plastic cracks and is subject to destruction when heated.
  • Do not buy kitchenware with too low a price.. The quality of such products is low, they will not last long.
  • Many people like products decorated with wooden handles. But it is worth looking at how the wood and the metal part are connected. If glue was used for the connection, you should not take such an item. With constant humidity and heating, the handle will quickly fail.

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