What windows are most often broken by burglars

Domushniki - people are quiet and fast. Their goal is to get into the apartment as quickly as possible, without attracting the attention of neighbors and passersby. A professional burglar needs no more than a minute to open the sash. If there is a hitch, then most likely, the thief will immediately abandon his venture. But the opening of most types of window shutters does not pose any difficulty for burglars. How can ordinary citizens protect themselves from theft and what sash should be installed to not be afraid for the things left in the apartment?

Vulnerability leader

Manufacturers of plastic windows lure buyers with the strength of materials and the invulnerability of valves. But Standard modern windows have simple doors that even a child can open.. To do this, you do not need special tools - just a conventional screwdriver, with which the sash is pressed next to the latch. As soon as the sash is pressed, you need to press the latch, and the window will open.

There are other methods for breaking PVC windows. Mounts, rulers and other available tools are used. Sometimes thieves twist the handles, and sometimes they just knock out the glass. Surprisingly, the old glass windows, which can be locked on the usual latch, are much more resistant to cracking.. Moreover, the glass can not be broken silently, whereas the plastic can be punctured or extruded almost imperceptibly. However, there are ways to protect themselves from the penetration of burglars, while not changing the PVC on obsolete glass.

Ways to protect

There are many ways to protect against hackers. The most expensive of them is the purchase of an alarm, the presence of which will immediately scare an ordinary burglar. And the oldest and proven method - the installation of metal grates.

Another variant - buy special window accessories. So, today the stores offer a large assortment of handles with locks that are locked with a key. There are more complex mechanisms with an increased class of security. Accessories of class WK3 are considered to be the most reliable. Additional accessories are easy to install yourself, and you can select the appropriate parts from the manufacturer.

An interesting point for those who are going to buy plastic

Contrary to misconceptions, protective hardware increases the cost of a PVC window by only 5-10%. The seller must clarify whether there are models with additional protection. Often, sellers offer cheaper options because they do not want to scare the buyer with high prices. However, the installation of protected windows can protect against theft, which will bring a much greater loss than the surcharge for special accessories.

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