26 one-time cleaning tips

The order in the house and things leads to liberation from the accumulated trash and proper organization of space.Unnecessary and obsolete things only clutter up the house, so you need to be able to get rid of them in time.

1. Properly store shoes. It should be on a stand. It is best to have a comfortable chest of drawers in the hallway, where you can make shoes for the season, and pack the rest in boxes and put them in storage in the pantry.

2. Each one has his own regiment. Systematization is very helpful when each member of the family is allocated their own part of the closet. It can be shelves, hooks, hangers or boxes where personal belongings are stacked.

It’s worth making a rule that household members themselves should pack their things in a designated place.

4. Down with the excess. Clothes out of season should be in the closet! It can be packaged in special bags, and for products made of wool and fur, it is imperative to put a moth remedy, such as lavender sachets or tablets.

5. The order in the details. Great advice: all the little things should be in certain places. Take the dish under the glasses, screw the hooks for the keys, put the basket for the umbrellas - and you will see how order reigns!

6. We keep everything you need at hand. There are always items that are used every day, they should be put in the central drawers and cabinets. What we rarely use, occasionally, can be safely removed to high shelves, mezzanines or into the depths of the cabinet.

7. Do not remove what we need. All the necessary tools are better to keep on the table than in the closet. You must admit that it is more practical to hang kitchen utensils on wall hooks than to constantly get either a spoon or a fork from the bowels of the box!

8. Divide and conquer. The usual dividers help to keep order in the boxes. They are often attached to the bottom with silicone glue. In this way, we will divide things into heaps inside one space, and we will not have to spend time searching.

9. Sorting trash. It helps maintain order and pays tribute to ecology. In the garbage can put separators for different types of waste.

10. We put in order the refrigerator. For this we need the usual plastic containers. Various products can be placed in them, and a convenient rectangular or square shape will allow you to arrange food on shelves, avoiding chaos due to different sizes of packages.

Use only food grade plastic! Always check the marks at the bottom of the containers, otherwise harmful substances will enter the food.

11. Quality control. Every week it is recommended to allocate 10-15 minutes to check expiration dates. At the same time, you can recycle what exactly no one will eat.

12. Planning things. Already many zealous hostesses keep lists of affairs and purchases and make up schedules of the day. For convenience, they are hung on magnetic or cork boards.

On sale now there are small boards on which they write with chalk. It’s very convenient: I painted the day, crossed out completed tasks, erased it, and then drew up a new plan.

13. Remove unnecessary. Perform revisions of toiletries. All non-expired and sealed products that no one has touched for more than a year are better to donate to charity than to store on shelves and collect dust.

14. Properly store towels. It is better to store them at eye level, and to fold small products into rolls, rather than form unstable stacks.

15. Lighting help us. Luminaires with motion sensors and batteries will save a significant amount of time. It’s easier to find something in the light than to sort out a cabinet in the dark.

16. We complete. Bed linen should be sorted and folded in sets, so as not to look for the pillowcase on the shelves, but immediately take everything you need.

17. Rule for children. Toys should have their places where they need to be returned after the game. This simple rule not only saves cleaning time, but also teaches children to discipline.

18. Transparent boxes. They are great help in the search! It is much more convenient to immediately see the contents than to remove the covers and look into each.

19. Signing. Labeling also helps, for example: "Cars", "Soft Toys", "Lego", "Dresses for the Summer" and other marks.

20. Clothing not in size. Children grow fast. We do not have time to look around, as it is already necessary to buy a new suit or a pair of shoes. What to do with those things from which our children grew up? Tip: put a separate basket, where to gradually collect clothes, and then donate to charity.

21. Collections. They can be made part of the design of the room. For example, there is an interesting idea: attach car models to magnetic tape for knives. It will turn out beautifully, practically, and the collection will no longer gather dust in the far corner, it will cover a minimum of space and will delight its owner!

22. Order among the clothes. It is recommended to hang clothes in one line. So we see what we have and what is missing.

23. What to do with bags? Numerous handbags and clutches should not wrinkle on shelves, it is better to lay them in transparent boxes for papers and correspondence.

24. Do not skimp. Now services of selling clothes through the Internet are very popular. If your ad has not found a response within 3-4 months, it is much easier to pass the dress to a charity center than to continue to take its place.

25. Do not throw clothes in the wrong places. The backs of chairs, armchairs, stools often become a natural storage point. Get a basket and put it in sight.

26. We decorate horizontal surfaces. Refined decor on a dresser will not leave a chance to lay out socks and shirts there!

Proper prioritization helps to quickly and painlessly conduct regular cleanings and maintain constant cleanliness in thoughts and in the house! It is enough to put things in order once, and then only save it.

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