What can be done from old tubes of toothpaste, creams

Thrifty housewives always ask questions about how to use certain things. who seem to have served their term, but are still in very good condition.. One such item is a tube of toothpaste, cream, or another thicker product. Women often accumulate a large number of containers from cosmetics, which is a pity to throw away, but there is nowhere to apply. Craftsmen offer the original use of tubes at home.

Unusual ways to use a tube of paste

The most commonplace example of reuse is filling a tube with a thick cosmetic product in a new way.This can be done using a syringe or disassembling the bottom. After filling, the bottom can be reinstalled.

Before filling, the tube must be thoroughly washed and dried, otherwise cosmetics will lose their properties in the near future after transferring it to a new container.

Pastry bag

There are more complex ideas that will bring to life various ideas.One of these possibilities is the creation of a pastry bag from improvised materials.

To make a pastry bag from the things available at home, you need to take a tube of toothpaste and an empty clean plastic bag, quite tight. The tube from the paste is cut in half across, and then half along which the plastic part is located. Rinse thoroughly.

Next, you need to completely remove the soft part of the tube, leaving only a tight plastic "nose" and a cover to it. Then you need to fix the package. To do this, a small hole is cut out in one corner of the bag, a plastic tube is threaded into it. It is important that the tube fits snugly against the bag.

At the end of the life hack, you only have to put the lid on the tube with the hole made in advance.This part of the craft will be fundamental in the entire design. The cream will pass through the lid and fold into beautiful patterns on a cake or pie.

Storage bays

From the used tubes from the paste, excellent compartments for storing various trifles are obtained.For example, on a campaign empty tubes with cut off tops really help out. They can store the same toothbrushes, cutlery or other little things.

They are conveniently hung on a temporarily constructed wooden shelf, and then it is also easy to remove them and leave behind a clean camping site. At home, such “boxes” can also be used, for example, for storing nails and self-tapping screws in a garage.

Change purse

Some housewives in their desire to save money go so far as to make an original purse for storing trifles from a used tube of toothpaste.This is a very unusual invention, which turned out to be quite simple.

To produce a wallet, you need a tube of paste and lightning.

It is necessary to cut the tube along the seam, wash thoroughly from the remnants of the dentifrice, and then sew the "lightning" into the seam with very strong threads. You can paint the tube or leave it as it is. A cool idea will certainly be appreciated by adolescents and young girls seeking to protect the environment from harmful emissions.

Stainless tags

Tubes are made of dense foil, which feels great when exposed to moisture. From improvised material you can make stainless tags that can withstand moisture. Do not forget to thoroughly rinse the tube from the inside from the remnants of the paste, otherwise the tag will be ugly stains.

Labels are extruded using a ballpoint pen. This is a great opportunity to label plants in the garden. Such tags will serve for many years, recalling exactly what a particular plant variety is called.

Dog or cat tag

In a similar way, you can make a tag for your pet, which is prone to shoots.A cat or dog will be found quickly if a small tag with the owner's phone number is present on their neck. And to make it from an old tube from paste is very simple. And you don’t have to pay a lot of money for a designer accessory for a pet.

Accessory for a children's toy

Making a dollhouse is very simple from simple boxes, improvised materials and various parts that are no longer needed household items.For example, a thread from a tube of paste together with a cap can become a handle on a doll’s cabinet or a leg for an ottoman or sofa in a doll’s house.

Having made a hole in the box, thread the thread there, and screw a cap on top of it. So it turns out a stylish and original handle that holds onto the "furniture" very tightly. If necessary, it can be painted or supplemented with various decorative elements.

There are a lot of options for using a tube of paste. Any craftsman can dream up with this usual, at first glance, object. There are at least a dozen ways to reuse it in domestic needs.

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