What is the difference between a grill and a barbecue?

Food cooked on fire has a special taste and aroma. The process of its preparation in the open air also gives a lot of pleasure. There are special devices for this: barbecue and grill. Next, we consider in more detail how they differ from each other and why they are compared.

Simplicity or nobility

With the beginning of the barbecue season, many people face a difficult task: to choose a device for cooking. Some compare them with the purchase of cheap cars and models of the representative segment.

Brazier is considered the best friend for gardeners and lovers of simple outdoor recreation.. After all, an inexperienced person is also capable of raising fire and putting skewers with meat. And even the simplest grill carries a certain element of nobility and aesthetics.


Reference! This device is a metal box with legs, which has two convenient handles for transportation.

The most valuable is the barbecue made of cast iron. The material is able to retain heat for a long time and maintain temperature. In addition, a quality product can last long enough.

In the traditions of eastern countries, brazier is a common type of brazier.. The cooking method there is also different from the European one. A dish made of heat-resistant clay with hot coals is installed at the bottom of the appliance, and taganka with meat is placed on top.


Represents a more complex installation. It is no coincidence that even in modern stoves there is such a function. In stores you can find a huge assortment of grills. There are electrical structures. There are different brands with an interesting design, a set of features and accessories supplied.

Reference! In the traditional version, the grill is a rounded-shaped bowl with a metal grill. In most cases, this is a status thing, which is a real pleasure to use.

Grill is used for cooking steaks from meat, chicken and sausages, as well as for processing vegetables and fish.


Let's try to give a comparative description of the devices under consideration.

Grill It has a convenient grid that allows you to decompose products across the surface.

You can use the space more efficiently and fry pieces of meat and other products of different sizes. For barbecue grill can be purchased separately, but more often limited to a set of skewers.

BBQ has a simpler assembly. There are even one-time budget options that can be thrown away after use.

The cost of the grill is much higher.

In the grill the heat on the products goes from the side and bottom. The air supply is only through small holes in the walls of the box. Therefore, the coals gradually cool down, and a person has to swing a fan over the barbecue or something like that. In the grill air access is governed by the design, and the temperature is evenly distributed. To improve the palatability of the products, a lid is recommended.

Important! Grilled food will be tasty and healthy, with a limited amount of salt and fat.

Why are they compared?

Compare these two devices because they have same purpose: used for cooking over an open fire. However, this is where their similarity ends, since the way of cooking and the quality of the finished dishes are completely different.

Before buying, you should decide for yourself the priority tasks. Grill - This is an investment, perhaps for several years. Cooking on it is a whole philosophy of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

With brazier everything is much simpler, it is unlikely to surprise with its interesting design and quality and is suitable if kebab is far from frequent and spontaneous pleasure.

Reference! Unlike barbecue, for grilling meat can be pre-marinated.

It is quite simple to please yourself and your loved ones with delicious food cooked on a fire. Each person, depending on their capabilities and wishes, will be able to choose a barbecue or grill for themselves. A person who is not versed in culinary delights is unlikely to be able to distinguish meat cooked using various devices.

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