15 incredibly useful methods for using coffee beans and grounds

Each mistress knows many secrets of using folk remedies in different areas. The leaders in use are coffee beans and coffee grounds. We offer the most interesting methods of applying them in everyday life.

From coffee grounds

For kitchen and home

1. Remove unpleasant odors in the refrigerator

Sometimes an unpleasant odor appears in the refrigerator, which the housewives often remove with the help of drinking soda, it is left in the saucer for 2-3 days. Instead of soda, you can pour coffee grounds - the result will be the same.

2. Clean the pan

When you need to clean, for example, a pan after a burnt meal, you can add coffee grounds. It is an excellent abrasive, therefore, rubbing a pan, stove or sink, you can clean them well.

3. Remove the smell of garlic and onions from the hands

To remove the smell of garlic (onion) from the handsneed to wash them with coffee grounds instead of scrub. It is better to store it in the kitchen in a small jar near the sink.

4. Remove grease in the pipes

Try a mixture of blockages. Only 2-3 drops dishwashing detergent add to hot water + a little coffee grounds. Such a composition will help to cope with the fat in the pipes.

5. For paint Easter eggs

Traditionally, many Easter eggs are painted on Easter. To get bright coffee shade is also suitable coffee grounds. Dip the boiled egg in hot coffee to get a beautiful color.

5. Flavor the room

Can sew a scented pillow, a small toy or a needle bed, and take filler instead coffee grounds.

Important! Dry thoroughly before use, then lay it out on a tray and put in the freezer for 2 hours.

6. Fertilize home plants

For home plants that love a slightly acidic soil, thick will serve as an excellent fertilizer.

Her can be added to pots and beds with the onset of spring. Thick will be useful for vegetables such as radishes and carrots. The recipe is simple: when planting seeds, mix them with ground.

7. Remove the ice on the steps

If formed in winter ice on paths or steps, instead of salt or sand, you can sprinkle them with coffee grounds. She will not let you down!

For body and hair

1. From swelling under the eyes

If in the morning you see dark circles or swelling under your eyesI need put on a cotton padThen put for 10-15 minutes under the eyes. The skin will noticeably freshen, the swelling will disappear.

Also, coffee grounds cleanse the face well.

2. For shining hair

To shine your hair you need to brew coffee beans, as you usually do. Then let it cool, and after washing the hair, rinse it with brewed coffee, hold for 15-20 minutes, then rinse.

Tip! You can use thickener only on dark hair, for light shades this method is not suitable.

3. To stop bleeding when cut

Another good tip is thick can stop the blood with small cuts. You just need a cut sprinkle with coffee grounds.

4. Body scrub

Bath lovers can use thickener instead of scrub.

Recipe body scrub:

  • coffee grounds - 0.5 cups;
  • sea ​​salt - 2 glasses;
  • coconut oil - 0.5 cups.

Mix first thick with sea salt, then add coconut oil, mix well. The finished mixture can be stored in a glass jar and used when necessary at home.

From coffee beans

1. Compositions

A variety of unusual compositions are obtained from coffee beans with succulent plants.

2. Creative candle

Can be done in the same technique scented creative candle.

In this photo - not a candlestick, but a candle !!! - N.K.

Lighted candles surrounded by coffee beans will spread a wonderful aroma throughout the room.

3. Stand for pens and pencils

If you pour coffee beans into a small container, you get an original stand for pens, pencils and brushes.

4. Aromatic jars with coffee beans

We can see jars of coffee beans in perfume stores. They are used to interrupt the aroma of perfume. After three smells of perfume or eau de toilette, it is already difficult to catch the fourth aroma. To continue tasting odors, you just need to inhale the aroma of coffee beans.

Such easy and useful tips are always useful in everyday life. Every housewife note.

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