Why insert a spoon in an open champagne

Virtually no festive event is complete without champagne. The special charm of this drink is given by gas bubbles, which pleasantly foam in the glass. Without them, all the magic is lost, and the taste leaves much to be desired. But what if the dinner is over, the guests left, and the sparkling wine is only half drunk? In such situations, experienced hostesses resort to a little trick - use cutlery as a cork.

What helps cutlery

It turns out that there is a small household life hack in case the bottle is already open, but for some time it needs to be put in the fridge. Ordinary tableware can help to keep saturated gazing even for a few days: teas and tablespoons and forks.

How to use cutlery

The main thing is to use metal (and better - noble silver) products. Exactly will be able to create a "traffic jam"impeding rapid exhalation.

Important! It is necessary to lower in a bottle neck only the handle of a fork or a spoon. It is desirable to ensure that the metal does not touch the liquid itself, but was from it at a distance of 1-2 cm.

By the way a knife for this purpose will not work, as, most likely, it will not be kept and will fail inside.

Why is gas stored?

It's all about physics. Well-known fact: warm gas is lighter than dense cold. Consequently, the cooler the bottle and the liquid in it, the smaller the number of bubbles will rise and disappear. But what does metal have to do with it?

In fact, it is an excellent thermally conductive material. It turns out that in the fridge the metal spoon cools down rather quickly. And then helps cool the champagne itselfby removing heat from it.

Important! The air above the neck seems to form a real cork. Thus, ordinary cutlery plays an important role of radiators.

Skeptics Opinion

In the network you can find a number of very different comments about this wonderful properties. Among them there are those that disprove the viability and realism of this method of maintaining the saturation of carbonated drinks.

Skeptics say that real champagne and a good expensive sparkling wine without any additional devices can preserve freshness for almost a week in an open bottle.

Experiment to check

Some people even conducted their own home experiments to check if the metal spoon was magical instead of cork.

For this purpose specifically opened two identical bottles and drank from them the right amount of fluid. After that, the spoon was first inserted into the neck, as in the recipe. And the second was left without covers and traffic jams.

Eyewitnesses claim that a day later the number of bubbles in both was the same. So cutlery has nothing to do with it.

Someone even tried to describe the phenomenon with the help of physics. The pressure inside the vessel is much higher than atmospheric. therefore after removing the plug, no cooling will help. The difference will be only in the degree of saturation with carbon dioxide. The higher it is, the more bubbles, which then simply will disappear longer. That is why expensive high-quality sparkling wines are able not to fizzle out for several days.

Similar explanations seem logical. But after all the method exists for a long time. And thousands of people not only continue to actively apply it, but remain satisfied with the result.

Maybe, if only for this reason, it is worth giving a chance to a legend and independently trying to “save” champagne in this way?

Watch the video: How To Pop Open A Champagne Bottle With A Spoon (February 2020).


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