We put in order the "package with packages"

Each hostess, who constantly visits shopping centers and grocery stores, usually has a so-called “package bag” in the arsenal. This is a real collection of supposedly disposable store bags, which we manage to use at least once more, and often even more. Usually they are kept in disarray. After unloading the products, we simply crumple the packing bag and throw it into the box. The result is a huge, sloppy pile of crumpled pieces of plastic, which eventually become terribly annoying. I will tell you how to store store bags neatly and compactly.

Collect or throw away?

The issue of collection and storage is very acute in many housewives. Recently, many stores are switching to eco-friendly paper products, which solves the question of storing seemingly unnecessary stuff. But many people still use bags made of cellophane and plastic, and there are a lot of them in our homes. Of course, you can throw them away, but it is much more economical to reuse them, if their condition allows.

Important! Plastic products are not environmentally friendly, but most stores do not provide a choice, offering cheap plastic bags with handles or so-called "T-shirts." Women simply have no choice but to use them to bring food to their homes.

Each zealous hostess will surely add a high-quality, unbroken package, because it can be useful later as a garbage bag or just to go to the store again and not spend a few rubles every time to buy a new one.

How to organize package storage system?

That is why they are “breeding” in our homes with great speed that most people visit stores every day, bringing a new package home every day. As a result, a mountain of unnecessary bags accumulates in the box very quickly.

Usually packages are stored in one of the following ways:

  • bags enclosed in one;
  • special shelf;
  • basket;
  • drawer.

Important! In any of the proposed options, as a rule, all the bags are crumpled and lying around, as you have to. Package storage does not have any systematization and distribution by color, size or density.

I suggest streamlining the store bags storage system to see how much storage space is being eaten by this grubby pile of bags. And most importantly, how to lay them up nicely and carefully so as not to get annoyed every day from the mess in the kitchen.

Layfkhak for competent storage

Everything is very simple - we need to take one packet and, having laid it on the floor or table, carefully align with palms. It is then folded into a thin strip, three or four times, depending on the size of the bag. Handles also need to be carefully aligned.

Then we begin to fold the plastic product in a triangle, wrapping it from the bottom to the handles. As a result, you should have a voluminous triangle in which the pens are wrapped and pressed against the palm of the hand to make the bundle flatter.

As you can see, the procedure is very simple. Such triangles can be put in a special small basket and neatly placed in a box. It is convenient to distribute the bags in size so that you can always take exactly the one you need in a particular case.

This is a convenient way to store grocery bags, which every housewife desperate to clean up her own kitchen will like. Do not be lazy to spend on folding a few seconds, and you will see how the box where you have stored the infamous packages that constantly annoy you with confusion will change.

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