What to replace the corkscrew? There are many options!

Let's go relax and forget the corkscrew? Do not bring home a bottle of wine! The first thing that comes to mind is the barbaric way: discourage the neck, strain the contents of the bottle through a handkerchief or a nylon stocking. Open wine so, of course, possible, but where is the guarantee that the experiment will be successful? Most likely, everything will end with wounds, cuts and spilled precious liquid. There are many proven ways to open a wine without a corkscrew.

We will tell you how to replace it.

What to use instead of a corkscrew

Having a special device in hand, even a fragile girl will open the wine, but what about without it? But desperate situations, as popular wisdom says, does not happen! Generation experience comes to the rescue.

Sharp objects

The easiest, but not the best way: pick up the cork with any sharp object. For example, knife, fork, apartment keys, nail file, crochet etc.

Of course, the dust will definitely be in the wine, but the taste of the drink will not change. In the end, the wine can be filtered.

Cylinder shaped items

Also a simple solution, but not always effective: push the cork inside the bottle. In the course you can start up any solid cylindrical thing. It may be toarandash, the reverse side of a spoon, but you never know in blunt solid objects?

A rolled-up sheet of office paper, the contents of women's cosmetic bags, and even high-heeled shoes will fit!

Important! It is only allowed to act in this way if the bottleneck is of the same width along the entire length. If it narrows downwards - you have to look for another way.


Smokers will help ordinary lighter. It is necessary to warm the neck with a flame until the moment when the stopper is almost half out.

Tip! It will go faster if you simultaneously use two or three lighters.

Knife or scissors

Have scissors or a knife with a thin blade? Then the problem will be solved in a couple of minutes! It is necessary to put the blade into the cork and start rotating in one direction, slightly pulling the cork up with each turn. It is better to choose a knife that has a serrated blade.

Tip! Instead of a knife, the key will easily cope with the task.

Self tapping screw

Why not? He, like the corkscrew, has a screw thread, works on the same principle.

Screwdriver screw the screwand then pliers pull it out with the stopper.

Nails with nails

A variation on the same theme: nails and hammer nails. One side hammer hammer a few nails in a traffic jam so so they are located in one row.

Then with the clawed side pick up every nail. They will surely drag the cork behind them.

Important! Nails should be thin and long.

Syringe or bicycle pump

Excellent "working" method of extruding a bottle of air. Will need large volume syringe or pump for bike.

The bottle is wrapped in a towel pierce the cork with a needle through and air is pumped through it.

The only drawback is that it is not clear when to stop “pumping” the bottle, because with excess pressure glass may burst. Along with him burst of hope for a pleasant evening.

How to open a wine without additional items

The previous methods are certainly good, but there are not always handy objects at hand. Is it possible to leave the bottle until better times? No matter how wrong! You can even uncork with bare hands!

Push in the cork

Strong man on the shoulder press the cork inside the bottle with your own finger. The main thing that he was without a manicure.

Knock out the cork

For those who are weaker, another way will do: break the cork.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • wrap the bottom of the bottle with a towel or insert it into a man’s shoe;
  • tap the bottle gently on the wall.

Some use thick encyclopedias instead of walls. The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise there will be no cork or wine left in the bottle.

If you regularly forget about the corkscrew, then over time there will be a well-known skill. And it will be possible to open a wine to an argument even without a wall or a book, by simply tapping the bottom of the bottle with the palm of your hand.

Important! To knock out the cork with the palm of your hand, you need to hold the bottle horizontally.

Heat the bottle

What about those who do not have the power, but have time and patience? Use school physics knowledge about gases and their heating! We must take the usual pot, fill with water, put the bottle and send it to the stove.

The warm air will “look for” a way out and will find it, and will take a cork for the company. It is clear that this will not happen in a minute. Some more time will be needed to cool the fairly heated wine.

Tip! Girls for opening a wine bottle sometimes do not need any object, and a neighbor will do. Well, why not a reason for dating?

Options open a wine without a corkscrew a lot. If you make a little effort and ingenuity, then the efforts will definitely be rewarded!

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