Unusual use of fabric softener

In our time of commodity abundance, one should not forget that almost any household item has a wider range of applications than is presented by the manufacturer. For example, the most commonplace fabric softener. Usually it stands in the bathroom and is used only during washing, but inside the bottle there are so many interesting life hacks for unusual use of the air conditioner!

Ideal for cleaning glass

The recommended dilution ratio with water is 1 to 4, put the solution on a napkin and wipe the window.We polish with a dry cloth and enjoy the magnificent view! The method is suitable for auto glass, the tool perfectly removes road dust.

Softens Not Only Things

We all faced a situation where the lightning slider stuck. Interestingly, it’s good to lubricate metal and plastic runners with air conditioning, they will again be easy to walk.

We wash capricious laminate

Even the best coating will lose its luster over time.We can help him!

  1. Take a bucket of water.
  2. Add a little softener.
  3. Soak the mop in the resulting solution and thoroughly wash the laminate.

Paul will be as good as new again.

Using the same product, wipe the tiles and doors well. The coating will be removed, and the scent of freshness will reign at home.

Dedicated to pet lovers

We get used to having wool everywhere: on the floor, clothes, dishes and carpet.It is easiest to remove from the carpet with a softener diluted in half with water.

  1. Wet a sponge or rag.
  2. Rubbed the places of accumulation of wool on the carpet.
  3. Left for some time, the tool needs to soak in the pile and soften the fibers.
  4. Then vacuum it.

The carpet will be perfectly clean!

You can keep the mixture in a spray bottle. It removes static electricity well, so periodic processing will help reduce pollution and remove unpleasant odors.

Scare away insects

Small rodents and some insects do not tolerate pungent odors. The tool can be applied near anthills, watering the thresholds of the house to prevent the invasion of annoying small neighbors. Wet wipes soaked in a softener can scare away mice.

Return softness to paint brushes

It is not easy to wash brushes after staining, even if you do it immediately after finishing work.The washed tool can become harsh and inconvenient in future use, therefore I recommend such a life hack: first clean with a solvent, then wash with running water, and then apply fabric softener. It will soften the fibers, and you can leave it until the next application.

We save surfaces from dust

Instead of buying an antistatic agent, we dilute a softener with water about 1: 3, pour into a spray bottle.The resulting solution is sprayed onto the treated surfaces, protecting your favorite sideboard, bookshelves and a wardrobe with clothes from dust settling.

We clean a leather jacket

Dilute a little conditioner in the water, put on a cotton pad or napkin and wipe all the dirty areas of your favorite jacket.The skin will again be clean and shiny.

Preparing the walls for repair

If the old wallpaper holds on tight and does not want to leave its place for years, we breed one cap of our surest means in a liter of warm water, apply it with a sponge over the entire surface.After about 20-30 minutes, the wallpaper will begin to recede.

For water-repellent wallpapers, you must first remove the top layer, the easiest way to do this is with a hard metal brush.

Remove the prints of hairspray

1 part of the softener and 2 parts of water will perfectly cope with traces of varnish around the dressing table, on furniture and walls.It is better to apply from the spray gun, and then wash with a damp cloth.

We clean pans from soot

No more spoiled manicure and iron sponges! Soak the dishes for about 1 hour in warm water with the addition of a softener. Everything! Wipe, rinse and use!

Child car seats

They are always accompanied by all kinds of spots!The chairs should be constantly monitored and cleaned, otherwise pathogenic bacteria will begin to multiply on the surface. An already tested water mixture will help us to remove stains, which we need to rub the contaminated area well.

So, instead of a crowd of motley household products, we get one reliable bottle of fabric softener! The main thing is to buy the largest packaging!

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