Sink in the kitchen: double or single is better

Sink - one of the most important items in the kitchen. Together with the stove and refrigerator, it forms the so-called triangle of the working area, on the basis of which the design of the room is built. It is in the kitchen that the mistress spends much of the time. Therefore, such a criterion as convenience comes to the fore.

The range of the proposed kitchen plumbing is so great that many women are lost when choosing a particular model. Which one to take: double or single? To understand, consider the pros and cons of options with one and two bowls.

Single sink

The most common model is a single bowl. We can say that we have become accustomed to it since childhood.

Reference! The usual design is complemented by a ribbed surface on which you can defrost meat, arrange washed dishes or fruit / vegetables to dry.

This supplement can be placed from any side: both on the right and on the left. There are modifications where such surfaces are on both sides of the sink.


  • A familiar (traditional) design that allows you to mount a sink in any kitchen set.
  • Small sizes helping save space.

Reference! A single sink is the most suitable solution for small premises (6-8 m²).

  • Wide model range, offered by manufacturers. You can find a model based on personal preferences.
  • Price range: from economy class to luxury models.


But, in addition to the advantages, such a shell has one major drawback. it little functionality.

For example, if you are defrosting meat, washing dishes will be difficult. I.e combine several cases at once will fail.

Double sink

Such a model exists in two versions.

  1. The first is also called a one and a half sink: the extra bowl is smaller than the main.
  2. The second option: both tanks are equal.

Reference! Half size is more compact and combines the advantages of both options.

One and a half sink

Very popular and convenient, according to the housewives, the model.


  • Like a single, she Suitable for small kitchens.
  • Allows you to perform multiple actions simultaneously. For example, wash dishes and defrost a chicken carcass.
  • In contrast to the modification with two equal bowls, more available at cost.
  • Attention! There are models, supplemented by a wing-surface, which increases the use of the design during operation.


The main disadvantage of this type is inconvenience of installation, because not every drainage mechanism or mixer is suitable for this design.

With two equal tanks

Such a sink can provide maximum comfort when doing domestic work.


  • Both tanks are quite deep, which provides less water spray.
  • Using in one part detergent for dishes, you can to another rinse her in clear water.
  • Above benefits will reduce water consumption from 2 to 5 times.
  • In addition to saving water, this design allows you to perform work several times faster. This is a good help in our dynamic age.


With all the comfort the disadvantages of this model are also available.

  • Big square, increasing cleaning time.
  • More space required to accommodate.
  • Required additionally purchase a special drain device and a suitable mixerb.
  • High price compared to other designs.

Advice! When choosing a double option you should pay attention to the compliance of the design with the size of the room. In a small kitchen, it is better not to install such a construction.

Which sink to choose

In order to not bring discomfort to the household chores in the kitchen, you should pay attention to a few important points when choosing a sink.

  • The size shells should be sufficient to easily place not only plates and cups, but also dimensional objects: pots and pans.
  • Coating the surface must withstand both high temperature (for example, when you pour boiling water from a pan with pasta) and contact with ice (when defrosting food).
  • Material should possess shock, since when soaping dishes, you can not hold it in your hands. If it falls, it will hit the surface and an ugly dent or spall can form at the impact site.
  • An important condition is resistance to aggressive household chemicals.
  • Easy to care.

Having assessed your needs and features of different designs, you can choose the most suitable for yourself.

Watch the video: Single bowl kitchen sinks verses Double bowl (February 2020).


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