How to assemble an acrylic bath frame

Acrylic bathtubs feature thin walls. In order not to damage them, installation of the structure on a support is required. You can install on a special frame, which is manufactured at the factory and comes with a bath. Installation on a brick base is also allowed.

As a rule, the scope of supply includes, in addition to the bathtub, also a frame or legs.

A must-have tool for installing an acrylic bathtub

As with any business, the frame assembly process needs to be approached thoroughly. When starting work, check if all tools are prepared. You will need the following:

  1. Puncher and drill for him. They come in handy to make holes in the wall for installing fasteners.
  2. Drill / screwdriver. It is necessary to fasten the frame during assembly. You will also need to drill holes in the bottom.
  3. The spanner to adjust the legs of the frame.
  4. The square. The angles must be perfectly even.
  5. Roulette.
  6. Level so that the frame with the bathtub is level.
  7. Marker or pencil to make markup.

You will also need silicone sealant or sealing tape. We close up the gaps between the bathroom and the wall.

How to assemble the frame and install an acrylic bathtub on it

This method takes some time, since you have to act carefully, carefully following the instructions. But such an installation is more reliable. Frames, as a rule, come complete with a bathroom, as they are developed specifically for a specific type of structure.

The main element of the whole structure is the frame. All other elements are fixed directly on it. Often the frame is delivered assembled (welded) by the manufacturer, but this does not always happen. Sometimes you have to collect it, strictly following the instructions.

Turn the bowl over and put the frame on it. Now you can assemble the rest of the frame. We fix the parts sequentially without rushing from one to the other. The kit has everything you need for installation. The set of elements depends on what design you have available. The harder it is, the more different parts will be in the kit.

The vertical stand is mounted with a stud on which the nut is screwed. The hairpin is inserted into the corner hole on the frame, then the rack is put on and fastened. An additional locking nut is screwed onto the top of the stud. Similarly, the remaining racks are mounted.

After all the racks are in place, set the frame level. After that, he screws the screws to the base of the bowl. First of all, you need to screw the frame in places of reinforced plates at the bottom, and then fix the racks on the corners of the bathtub - where there are embedded plates.

Now it's up to the legs. Where they should be installed, there are holes. We screw the studs into them and expose them in height, after which we fasten them with nuts. Then we wind the legs equipped with thrust bearings.

If the kit has a screen, then on the external legs should additionally install the plates on which the screen will be held.

You need to turn the bath over, close the screen and set the desired height with the nuts that are on the legs. Having moved the bathtub to the wall, we mark the places where the fasteners will be installed. We fix them on the wall, after which we attach the structure to them.

Once again we put the screen to the bath, mark the installation locations of the fasteners at the corners and in the central part. Using screws, we fix the plate. Next we attach the screen to the plates.

Where the bathtub joins the wall, we process it with sealant. First you will need to clean everything from dust, and then remove the fat. This can be done with ordinary alcohol. On the wall and on the sides we paste strips of adhesive tape (building tape), and already apply a layer of sealant on it. With a finger dampened in soapy water, align the silicone.

Advantages of installing a bathtub on a frame

Installing an acrylic bathtub is much more efficient and reliable when compared with other options. All frames are developed individually, for a specific design option, and, therefore, the entire load is distributed evenly, which eliminates the possibility of breakage.

Everything necessary for the installation of the frame is included in the package, so there is no need to visit stores and additional expenses. Installation on the frame does not take much time. During operation, there is no need to pre-prepare the floor, as is the case with laying on a brick base.

There is no excess dirt. The frame does not create excessive pressure on the floors. If there is a decorative screen that can be purchased separately, then the entire supporting structure is perfectly hidden from prying eyes.

Thus, the installation of the bath on the frame solves several problems at once: it increases the safety of the product, accelerates the installation time. And imposes cleaning work after completion of work.

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