Luxury from the cradle: children's rooms celebrities

Stars can afford everything. Unlimited budget and the best designers work wonders, creating perfect interiors. Children's rooms are transformed into small castles for princes and princesses, and miracles in every corner. Molly Sims On her side, it was very wise to put a child's full adult bed.

The girl completely transformed the old bathroom for a penny

In the bathroom often have to do repairs. This is where moisture is concentrated, and constant temperature changes lead to the formation of plaque and mold. It is not necessary to have a lot of money, it is enough to show imagination and set the priorities correctly. How to save on repairs and not lose in quality I will give an example from the life of how a girl approached a difficult issue to solve is extremely practical.

Unusual use of aspirin in everyday life

Aspirin is an affordable and widely known drug that can be bought without a prescription at any pharmacy for just a penny. Not a single first-aid kit can do without it. The medicine is used if a headache or with its help they try to bring down the inappropriate temperature.

Convenient and simple life hacks with trash can

Garbage bin - the focus of bacteria and dirt in the kitchen. People can not stand to get dirty, and mess around for a long time, once again getting out of it the package insert with waste. There are various ways to facilitate this unpleasant process. Put the bucket on the wheels. The container on the wheels is much easier to move to the table or to any other place.

The better to mop the floor

It would seem, what could be easier than washing the floor? I took an old T-shirt, wetted it, ran it on the floor and rejoice at life. But you’re not happy for long: the villi are stuck there, the dust has not been washed, some stains have remained or the linoleum is swollen ... Let's approach this issue wisely. General rules for cleaning floors There are sanitary and hygienic norms, which state that the optimal frequency of cleaning floors for a family living in an average-sized apartment is 2–3 times a week.

5 creative ways to use old ballpoint pens

Everyone knows that the accumulation of unnecessary things only litters the apartment and does not allow to live normally. But almost every person has a lot of things that could have been thrown out for a long time. A vivid example of such items that are no longer needed, but it is a pity to throw them away, are the old ballpoint pens.

Cleaning Tips to Save You Time and Money

Cleaning can be quite an expensive pleasure if you purchase for this purpose a large number of special cleaning products. This is absolutely not necessary, because it is quite possible to get by with budgetary natural resources. A few simple recipes will help you make your home perfectly clean. Simple clean cleaning recipes Excessive use of chemical cleaners can cause an allergic reaction and skin irritation.

Strange everyday habits and traditions in different countries

Different nations of the world have interesting traditions and funny habits that can surprise us greatly! I want to talk about the most unusual traditions in different worlds, this is really a fascinating list that can intrigue. Russia I'll start with Russia, we also amaze other countries with customs! Russian smile only on a special occasion, as a sign of interest and expression of sincere sympathy for the person.

Aquarium on TV and other unusual ideas for using the device

You do not have the habit of throwing outdated, but still quite presentable things? Then the idea of ​​creating an aquarium from an old TV is sure to please you. Especially if an old tube TV is found in the attic or in the basement, a sort of colorful "box" with round volume and channel control knobs, a convex screen and wooden walls.

How to turn a door into a storage system

Over time, a lot of different things accumulate in a house or city apartment. Some of them have served their time and must be disposed of, others are just a little tired, and it is a pity to throw them away, still others are used constantly or almost daily. In such a situation, conventional storage systems (cabinets, drawers, tables, and so on) no longer provide enough space to house things.

How to keep the toilet brush clean

Good hosts have cleanliness in every room. And the toilet is no exception. The toilet must be cleaned regularly with detergent, brushes and a brush. This simple fixture helps get rid of the dirt on the rim and the inside of the toilet bowl, from plaque and rust before it enters. Do not forget about the purity of the brush, so as not to buy a new one every two weeks.

What things protect us?

Has it ever happened to you like this: pass by some item in a store, and he still asks for it? Or, maybe one fine morning, you suddenly feel that something is missing ... Such "symptoms" indicate the need for a talisman in your life. Things, charms, carrying in the house positive Favorite, pleasant to the heart of things keep a great positive force.

Household chemicals with which you can work only with gloves

Means for cleaning the house is in the arsenal of every hostess. They wash the floors, surfaces in the kitchen, glass, bath. Many of the funds on the label indicated that they are environmentally friendly and harmless. But it is necessary to carefully study the composition of the cleaning agent, because there may be substances that adversely affect the human body.

Simple anti-rust agents on all surfaces.

The fact that to bring rusty divorce, wherever they appear, is not an easy task, everyone who has tried to do this at least once in their life knows. After reading this article, you will learn that there are many ways to cope with this scourge. How to remove rust mechanically If we are talking about corrosion of large metal parts or building structures, they can be cleaned with emery, grinding machine, grinder with a nozzle or sandblaster.

What is useful magnet in everyday life

We are so used to the magnets around us that sometimes we forget what a unique invention it is. Magnets are used in many areas of life, almost all technology is made on their basis, and in everyday life it is difficult to overestimate their value! What it is? In most cases, neodymium magnets are used, but there are many other types in the world: ferrites, magnetoplasts and other types.

5 unusual ways to use clothespins

Everyone knows the direct purpose of clothespins - fastening clothes on ropes. However, thanks to the creative potential of different people, the range of use of clothespins has expanded significantly today. They make original crafts and useful things used in the household. The life of a modern person is a series of endless affairs and duties.