The guy himself built a cozy house in just 40 days

A luxury house is not necessarily an investment of astronomical sums in the construction of a grand castle on its own island. Sometimes it’s enough to be creative, let go of the imagination and at the same time approach the performance very carefully and thoughtfully.

A bit of background

The entrepreneurial American Steve Erin built his dream home for just ... $ 9,000! He himself admitted that he always dreamed of living in a house, but there was never enough money in his pocket and bank account. Instead of mortgage bondage, he preferred to go his own way and create an amazing creation that has already conquered the Internet with unusual forms and low financial expenses. The construction took only 40 days, and soon the man moved to a pretty and original house in a picturesque place.

For comparison: by American standards, $ 9,000 is disastrously small to buy your own corner. Housing is very expensive, so a similar amount would not be enough even for a down payment on a mortgage.

Have not a hundred rubles, but a good friend

The world is not without good people.At times, it really seems that the Universe itself is ready to come to the rescue of someone who sincerely wishes to fulfill a cherished dream. Mortgage slavery Steve helped to avoid one good friend. He allocated Erina a small piece of land in a paradise in Thailand - next to the mango grove. You can’t buy such a landscape for any money! Yes, and much more impressive than the view of the next new building.

In addition to land, the American got a nice gift in the form of old concrete blocks. Steve spent $ 6,000 in savings only on the most necessary tools and missing materials. I am sure that he had a plan ready for him to purchase, otherwise the idea would have failed more and we would never have known about it!

For example, a small studio in Thailand is estimated to cost between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000. Some luxury options near the ocean - much more expensive.

How an unusual house was built

So, the construction site is cleaned, prepared, all materials and tools purchased. What's next? And then Steve worked his head and hands to squeeze the maximum out of the minimum. The house was built in such a way that in the end it became like several spheres, stuck together and connected by bizarre, but very practical transitions.

Another 3,000 was spent on interior decoration, and the final amount was spent on a bold experiment with shape and color.

What does the house look like

I have already mentioned that it looks like interconnected spheres, but I also want to separately note the location next to the pond. How nice it is to sit in the shade of a beautiful pond, giving coolness in hot Asian weather! Natural materials were also used, they turned out to be a wonderful gazebo on one of the roofs.

Among the round rooms you can recognize a bedroom, a fireplace, a terrace, a shower room.It is noticeable that Steve wants to live here and enjoy life! Each trifle, made by hand and with love, speaks of the boundless happiness that an unusual hut gives to its brave master. The elaborated design elements inside and out extremely neatly and organically fit into the surrounding landscape, giving true pleasure from the work done. The interior has a good taste, as it is really made with soul and fiction.

Pay attention to the ladder! Only a truly creative person could create something like this.

Better than any motivator

Reading such stories, you begin to think.An ordinary person, without rich parents and a solid bank account, was not afraid to challenge life and get comfortable in a magnificent corner of the world. Steve was not discouraged by the lack of money, he just took and did! It is admirable! Not taking a loan, not driving himself into debt, and turning on his head and practicality, the American began to build his own house. Thanks to the Internet, its history was known to many people around the world, perhaps some of them were inspired by an unusual example.. I hope you also liked the story from life, which teaches perseverance in overcoming life's adversities. For the path will be overcome only by the one who walks.

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