What to make out of an old crib: interesting options

While sorting things out in the attic recently, my husband and I discovered a huge number of children's toys, clothes, essentials, as well as a crib, which until recently was an integral part of our babies' comfortable existence.

We did not sell or give the crib, as many of our friends did, but decided to keep it as a keepsake. Now, after several decades, the husband offered to give a second life to the cradle, having slightly redesigned it and changed its purpose.

Today I suggest consider several options that will not only help remove excess trash from the attic, but also make devices that are really suitable for home use.

Cozy sofa

Having slightly changed the design and shortened some parts of the crib, you can get a small sofa or chair. A soft mattress and sofa cushions will complement any design decision, as well as help make it as comfortable as possible. You can use the product both in the garden or on the veranda, and in the children's room.

This option is quite suitable for adults - provided that the mounting points of the product are strengthened.

Work multifunctional table

When a child grows up, he has new hobbies that require his own workspace. An ideal option for the baby will be a table from the crib, which is suitable for growth for him, and will also be a great place for drawing or games.

Using a bed on wheels, you can construct a unique mobile model of a serving table for the house. At the cottage site, the crib can also turn into a useful table, which will house garden tools, pots with seedlings or flowers.

Convenient dryer

In this case, you won’t have to redo much, since the side walls of the crib are already ready for new use. One has only to show imagination and it’s comfortable for the hostess to install or nail separate parts of the fixture to the wall.

Hanger for things or kitchen utensils

Many use the back or sides of the crib as hangers for things in the hallway, to store towels in the kitchen, or to collect the necessary materials in sewing workshops.Having firmly fixed the headboard to the wall, hooks are glued or nailed to them, on which towels or pans can be placed. The finished product can be adjusted to any interior, pre-painted in the desired color.

House Assistant

Strong bed sides will be an excellent support for growing weaving plants. A flowerbed bed will look very original, where instead of a mattress, fresh flowers will grow. The side parts can be used as a garden gate.

Organizer for all ages

It is very useful for young children to get used to collecting their things in one place from childhood.A properly designed organizer with creative stickers and drawings, as well as with hooks and shelves, will help to create all the conditions for a quick and fun cleaning. Such an organizer will be convenient in the "adult" economy, as well as in the workshop.

Picnic trolley

Parents with a small child can take this opportunity and remake the bed in a convenient trolley, especially since there is practically nothing to redo for this. It is only necessary to attach the wheels and make one of the side parts a door.

Garden swing

Surely neither a child nor an adult will refuse to have comfortable swings at the cottage, which can be easily constructed from an unnecessary crib.To do this, it is worth creating a solid foundation on three sides, which will be supported by a reliable rope or special chains.

Small playhouse

All the kids love to build houses, from which they can not get out for hours, having fun there with toys or looking at books.In this case, you can fantasize unlimitedly, turning the bed upside down, creating various covers or sawing windows and doors in the headboards. You can create a two-story house using one of the side parts for the stairs.

Furniture for a nursery

An old cot will make an excellent coffee table or a pair of small chairs that will be useful to younger children.A convenient and compact shelving for books, magazines or other children's accessories will also come out of it.

In my opinion, do-it-yourself furniture has good energy, which is very important for comfort in the home. Such products are unique, as the author himself chooses the style, selects the form and carries out the production. I am very glad that my husband offered to disassemble the attic and conduct some kind of "revitalization" of the old furniture. Now everything that has been gathering dust in the attic for years can fully function again.

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