Why in America there are switches inside the bathroom, and we have outside

For a comfortable stay in the apartment every detail is important, including the location of the switches in the bathroom. They should be in a convenient location so that all households can find them without hindrance.

But there is no definite answer as to which place is the most suitable for switches. In different hemispheres of the globe they found a different place. In American homes, bathroom switches are inside, and in Russian apartments outside. Why? We'll figure out!

American switch

In the US, the light switch in the bathroom is located inside, not outside. So in the last century, even before mass building, they did it in Russia.

Americans themselves give several explanations for this order.

  • Logically, this is quite correct., because the switch for the hallway is not placed in the stairwell.
  • Like any room, the bathroom has a button for the light inside. And for Americans bathroom is considered a separate roomin which the switches are in accordance with building codes.
  • In addition, each room has its own dimmer, and they are at arm's length. It is very convenient in families with small children who love to play with the light. The parents who are hiding in the toilet literally have to beg their children to return the lighting.
  • Many Russians, arriving abroad, face inconvenience and discomfort, not finding the usual buttons at the entrance. Most of them, entering the dark room, express a storm of indignation towards the builders in an attempt to turn on the light. Indeed, in 90% of cases, bathrooms do not have window openings and finding the coveted box is problematic. Maybe, Americans just got used to this order and presumably know where this device is located.

Reference! There are always two switches in bathrooms and US toilets. One is for lighting and the other is for ventilation.

  • In addition, it is known that utilities are quite expensive. Some very calculating people see this opportunity savings. After all, why turn on the light without being in the toilet. It is much more profitable to turn it on after a couple of seconds by entering the room.

Important! According to experts, the size of the savings in this case is insignificant.

Switch in Russian

There are also arguments in choosing a place for a switch in Russian apartments.

  • Despite the fact that our bathroom is often called a bathroom, documents room he is not.

Reference! In typical constructions the bathroom is a utility non-residential room like a usual storeroom. And for such places the switch should be just outside.

For many people, this fact is a certificate of neglect of comfort. But in general, such an arrangement of switches in Russia has long been taken for granted.

  • Many builders explain this difference from American traditions in their own way. They believe that bathroom - a zone of increased risk and danger to human life and health. After all, there are water pipes and often excessive humidity.

Important! Placing the device outside the bathroom minimizes the possibility of electric shock.

  • And people with humor say that so it is more convenient to track whether there is anyone in the toilet.

But it should be noted that in general the fashion for the placement of switches for the bathroom inside the room gradually comes to Russia.

With the development of new technologies and the creation of design projects, homeowners have the opportunity to make high-quality redevelopments. Therefore, if you wish, you can change the location of the regulator not only in new buildings, but also in the old housing stock. But is there any sense in such alterations, it's up to you.

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