Why does the restaurant serve 2 forks and 2 knives

Surely each of us considers himself a cultured person. We know that we need to give way to the elderly, that young men should let the girls go ahead, hold the door in front of them, and so on. But going to a restaurant can be a real headache. The reason is that many do not know the rules of serving. And here there are some subtleties: what kind of fork for fish, meat, dessert; from which dishes you can drink broth, and from which you can not and much more.

Why are there usually several appliances on the table

It is difficult to understand even the most ordinary forks and knives, in their quantity and purpose.

How the quantity depends on the dish

First of all, for different dishes the number of devices will be different.

  • For soup will only be needed spoon.
  • For salad, meat, fish are needed fork and salad knife.
  • For dessert dessert needed fork and spoon.

Secondly, for each dish must use its own setso as not to mix the taste (let us not lick the knives with forks at the restaurant!).

Important! It must be remembered that a spoon is no worse than a plate, and if you change the plate, then the spoon must be changed.

What do two knives and two forks say

Now you know the main points. We fix them with the task. Imagine that you came to a restaurant, the table is already served. And on the table, besides the plates, there are two forks and two knives. What was ordered?

We reason logically. Knives without other objects are not used, which means there are two dishes. We also understand that the order does not include soup: there is no spoon.

Could there be more appliances

Answer: yes, of course!

Important! The number of devices depends on how many and what dishes were ordered.

For example, if soup is ordered, the device is one - a spoon. If, besides the soup, there will be a salad - two sets.

And if there will be more dishes, it will increase the number of appliances. Each dish will have its own set.

Important! When banquet serving devices put immediately. With the usual order they are brought at the change of dishes.

Additional items

In addition to the main ones, there may additionally be a bread knife, as well as a dessert fork and spoon. Appliances for sweets are usually placed in front of the plate. And for bread is placed on the left in front.

How to use devices

To feel comfortable, you need to follow the rules of restaurant etiquette.

Fundamental rules

  • Meal begins when everyone gets their meals.
  • Hold the fork, knife or spoon should be strictly for the handle. Touch the blade can not be!
  • If you started using the devices, you can’t put them on the table again. They should be either in the hands or on the plate.
  • Fallen objects do not need to lift! Just ask the waiter to submit new ones.
  • The same knives, forks or spoons cannot be used twice.

How to choose appliances for the dish

If the waiters do not mess up, forks, spoons and knives spread on the principle: from external to internal and right to left.

That is, for the first course, we take the devices that lie furthest from the plate, the rest of the forks and knives remain on the table and wait for their turn.

How to fold used appliances

Now you know why you were given two knives and two forks at once. You also know in which order you should use them.

Have a nice meal!

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