Dusty corner: what kind of psychological problems is the mess in the house

One’s mood and psychological state of a person is projected onto the surrounding space. To understand more about the character of a new acquaintance, you just need to visit him once a visit without an invitation. Here, a complete picture of a person’s internal state appears before his eyes. After all, a mess or absolute cleanliness in the house can show the hidden features of the owner.

The mess in the house in terms of psychology

There are two categories of people. Some in the house are always in perfect order and so sterile that it is sometimes scary to touch a thing. The second, on the contrary, are designed to create disorder around themselves always and everywhere. Real chaos reigns in their house, and they are well-versed in it because they are used to living like that.

Psychologists and other experts argue that several conditions can be the cause of a constant disorder:

  • loneliness and helplessness (experts say that when scattering things, a person seems to “mark” his territory, trying to prove to everyone, including himself that he exists, he is a person; when the second half appears, such behavior is already inappropriate, but old habits go away slowly and reluctantly);
  • lack of attention (insecure people try to attract more attention in this way, trying to get energy nourishment and support that they lack so much);
  • reluctance to become adults (a habit from childhood can serve poorly: this usually happens in children who grew up in a pedant family, where the house was almost sterile clean - they rebelled by creating a mess, trying to establish their own ways, the habit easily goes into adulthood and appears unwillingness to change anything);
  • a constant feeling of anxiety (this often happens in people deeply depressed, this happens for various reasons, for example, the death of a loved one or a pet leads to the fact that a person simply does not want to change anything, clinging to his memories of the past and not looking to the present).

Important! Experts advise taking drastic measures if the prerequisites for one of the conditions have been noticed. The house definitely needs to be cleaned of all unnecessary trash and open access to all new and good.

Clearing space in the apartment, removing unnecessary trash and scattered things - this is one of the methods of bringing a person’s condition to normal and adapted to modern living conditions. This is the first stage from which the path to success must begin.

What problems does a person have in their mess?

Often scattering things is an attempt to designate their own territory. All people are different, someone only needs one shelf to carefully pack all their things, and someone is used to scattering them around the house and easily finds them if necessary. This is not always a problem, just a person is so used to living and does not want to change anything. Trying to break these stereotypes can cost a family happiness. Therefore, some families who find mutual understanding look quite happy, living in a conditional mess.

But psychological problems that dictate this kind of behavior are also common. And here it is necessary to determine with accuracy whether qualified assistance is required or not.

To solve this problem, try to talk with the person. Perhaps he was just used to hanging his trousers and shirts in all the chairs, as well as laying out his locksmith tools in all corners of the house, and this is not a psychological problem. But if he lacks attention or there is constant anxiety, self-doubt - the help of a psychologist will be required.

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