Which cup is better for hot: porcelain, glass, metal?

The taste of tea depends on the variety, this is not in doubt. But no less important, from what utensils the drink is drunk. Choosing a cup is a kind of ritual, because drinking from beautiful dishes is much more pleasant and tastier. Everyone chooses their favorite cup based on their preferences. Someone likes to drink burning tea from a large mug, while someone prefers a cooled drink from a small mug. To make the right choice, you need to understand the variety of utensils for tea and its features.

The richness of the choice of dishes for a hot drink

Everyone’s favorite cup, the one and only in which the most delicious tea is such an accessory. After all, tea drinking is not just a process of absorbing a hot drink with goodies. The meaning of the ceremony is much greater: we calm down, tune in to the working mood or relax.

The range of utensils for tea drinking is huge: You can choose glass, ceramics, porcelain or metal. What to stop at? To understand what material will be ideal, you need to carefully consider the characteristics of each.

Porcelain and ceramics: pros and cons

The difference between porcelain and ceramic in the roasting composition.

Important! Porcelain is considered a higher category. Such dishes are absolutely safe for health, looks elegant and expensive.

Ceramic cups are very popular.

They have a lot of advantages:

  • durable;
  • a wide variety of options;
  • affordable cost;
  • simplicity in leaving;
  • environmental Safety;
  • Suitable for daily use.

Attention! The disadvantages of ceramic cups are the lack of grace in the dishes, especially in comparison with porcelain, and the appearance of microcracks-spider webs over time.

A porcelain cup looks elegant and fragile.

A light tap on the rim of the dishes creates a clean and clear sound. Drinking from such cups is nice. The advantages of porcelain cups are:

  • the surface of the dishes does not lose its attractiveness for a very long time;
  • the drink retains its temperature for a long time.

But porcelain has its drawbacks:

  • high price;
  • the need for very careful handling;
  • fragility.

Glass: Pros and Cons

Glassware appeared not so long ago. Glass cups are actively bought in offices, school canteens, catering establishments.

Many housewives prefer glassware, highlighting the advantages:

  • appearance appeal;
  • quick cooling of the drink (for an amateur);
  • variety of design;
  • low cost.

Cons of the material are:

  • mass production;
  • minimum of originality;
  • high thermal conductivity (it is very easy to burn hands);
  • fragility of the material.

Metal: Pros and Cons

Silver and stainless steel also serve as material for making tea utensils, but much less frequently.

The advantages of such cups are their resistance to temperature extremes and mechanical damage.

But scratches can remain on the surface of metal products, they cannot be used in microwave ovens, often the cost of the cups is quite high. Some models have double walls, which allows you to keep the temperature of the drink as long as possible.

What to consider when choosing utensils for tea

When choosing a cup that will later become your favorite, it is important to consider the main criteria:

  • form;
  • material;
  • Colour;
  • volume.

The form

In China, products are divided into Yin and Yang in shape. Yin dishes are characterized by a small height, a wide top. There is a resemblance to a bowl. Jansky cup is tall, oblong, with a narrow neck.

In its pure form, the mentioned options are not so common. Mostly we see an averaged version.

Tip! When choosing a cup shape, keep in mind that the wider the rim diameter, the faster the drink cools.


Decide which material to take into account your preferences. The highest quality are porcelain, ceramic and glassware. Less preferred are metal cups.


The color scheme is what you have to choose only to your taste. It is best to enjoy a tint of a tonic drink from a white cup. But it is quickly contaminated and needs to be cleaned systematically.

Choose the color that is pleasant. Modern industry is ready to offer a lot of options for color schemes and design: pictures, inscriptions, quotes, disappearing drawings. There are plenty to choose from and how to surprise yourself or others.


Another subjective criterion is capacity. Prefer to drink a couple of cups of tea at a time - buy bulk dishes! No - look for small cups.

Consider all the selection criteria, and you can buy exactly the cup that will become your favorite and will make tea drinking doubly enjoyable and desirable.

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