Why not drink from a cup with a spoon

Have you also been taught from childhood to take a spoon out of a cup after the sugar is stirred? Yes, such a ban was most often expressed by our grandmothers and mothers in a categorical form. And why, in fact, is impossible? Is the ban a superstition that you can forget about, or do you need to continue to take out a spoon? Here's what we learned about the reasons for the strict ban.

Why omens forbid drinking from a cup with a spoon

It turns out that a cup with a spoon has become a symbol of many signs.

Who should definitely pull out a spoon

Human rumor claims that such a drink predicts future trouble or misfortune. Moreover, the ban has so many interpretations that everyone can find a specific prediction for themselves. This is what the most popular signs promise.

  • Through the spoon left in the drink an unclean force can penetrate into the body of the drinker. And once inside, she will take possession of the human mind and make him do various terrifying things. For example, slander the innocent, steal something, hit the weak.

Reference! In Russia, a teaspoon was sometimes even called the "devil's bridge."

  • If you left a spoon unmarried girlso she drives off a successful marriage.
  • For a child the spoon constantly left in the mug predicts disagreement in relations with mom and dad.
  • For lovers this action is considered as harbinger of a close separation and cooling of relations. The sign is valid if there is coffee in the cup.

Where is the sign

Not the last factor influencing the result is the scene.

  • Homemade tea party with a spoon not pulled out of a cup portends money trouble.
  • If business happens business tripthen your the trip will be useless. In some cases, signs are generally a failure.
  • Do not leave a spoon in a cup while visiting close friends. It will lead to to quarrel and breakup.
  • Do not neglect this sign and being houses, alone. In this way you can attract the disease.

The rationale for the ban

Many people think that taking a spoon out of tea or coffee require etiquette rules. Of course, this is true. But in this case, as, indeed, in all the others, this rule has a real foundation.

No harm to health

The medical version says that without removing the spoon from the mug, you can inadvertently injure yourself. For example, scratching the skin of a face with a handle or poking in the eye.

For security

The next reason is security requirements. 3clutching the handle of a spoon, you can splash yourself with hot liquid and get a thermal burn.

For comfort

Another good reason to remove a spoon from a liquid is a matter of convenience. After all an object resting on the face at each sip can cause a feeling of discomfort.

How not to pull out spoons and do without consequences

Few people know that a negative consequence can be prevented if you still haven't pulled a spoon. "Grandma's lessons" will teach this. It is believed that the following actions must be taken sequentially.

  • Think about something nice.
  • Quickly wash the appliances that you used for tea drinking.
  • Say "drank tea, the trouble is gone."

How to relate to ancient signs, whether to follow them or not, is up to you. But the spoon is still worth taking out!

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