Do I need a mat in front of the entrance door: for and against

Have you seen the door mats meeting everyone entering the house? It is unlikely that many will answer no to this question. Sometimes there are even several such rugs: one from the street side, the other - already in the hallway.

Why are they lying there? Someone thinks that for decorationsomeone to do not carry street dirt in your home. For someone, a rug is a barrier to the negative energy that a person voluntarily or involuntarily brings from the street.

However, there is another opinion: the rug in front of the front door - habit or even a relic of the past. So why is it needed, is there any benefit from it? We will sort it out together.

Use of the front door mat

Proponents of this attribute of home life insist on two doormats.

In the porch

Do I need to lay it on the side of the entrance? Let's, as usual, "dance from the stove," and in our case - from the name.

Reference. In stores, door mats are called "dirt-resistant."

Hence, the function assigned to them - protection from street dirt, which we carry on shoes. Of course, the rugs will not rid their shoes of dirt one hundred percent, but still they will "take upon themselves" some part.

Especially noticeable benefits of such products in the winter slush and rainy autumn. Moisture, the remains of blades of grass, sand, snow, lumps of earth - all this remains on the surface of the rugs. And if there are two of them - one from the entrance side, the other - inside the apartment, then the floors in the hallway remain, if not clean, then not covered with a layer of earth and requiring minimal cleaning.

Advice! To make the benefit obvious, mats that are planned to be placed on the side of the entrance to the house should be chosen with bristly or cellular texture.

The bristles penetrate the most intricate relief of the sole and clean out everything unnecessary. And on the cell, the dirt is scraped off almost like a dirt-cleaning grill.

In the hall

Do I need a rug inside the house, in the hallway? Sometimes vital! Especially relevant for those who have floor tiles in the hallway. In the snow period, it protects against slipping, and ultimately - from falling.

By the way if a laminate is laid in the corridor, it is difficult to do without such an object as a shoe tray or absorbent mat. The latter, of course, is a more aesthetic option.

One more argument for: absorbent mats are very convenient to use not only for wiping the soles, but also for drying shoes. Water from the washed shoes will not spread in a puddle on the floor of the hallway. So, you don’t have to do wet cleaning again.

Opinion of opponents

The old truth: how many people, so many opinions. Even the simple question “Do you need a door mat?” Causes controversy and leads to debate. If supporters think more or less equally, then there is no unanimous opinion among opponents. Different reasons cause them to refuse to use rugs in front of the front door.

Attracts animals

The first reason: those rugs that from the entrance or entrance to the house from the street, often attract homeless cats and dogs.

It is clear that in this case the mat not only does not protect against dirt: it becomes its nursery, since grass fleas are added to ordinary dust. Well, if the animal marks the rug, then comments are superfluous.

Accumulates dirt

The second reason is in the question: "saw, how much dirt under the mat? "Opponents of the" grandmother's rugs "are perplexed: how will they save them from penetrating into the dwelling of the mass of microbes accumulated under the rug?

To the objections of supporters about the need to periodically rinse the product, it is reasonable to note that the mat additionally loads the hostess.

Useless habit

Reason number three: old-fashioned, everyone is just used to doing that.

Wet rag in front of the door appeared when the hostess did not yet know vacuum cleaners. To facilitate manual labor, it was important to leave some of the sand in front of the apartment. Not without reason, in those days when rugs were not sold in stores, the housewives got out of the situation with a wet burlap in front of the door. And lovers of needlework knitted rugs from the remnants of cloth and old clothes.

But today the vacuum cleaner will perfectly cope with the sand that has got into the house. Therefore, it is quite possible to do without such a “generational experience”!

Spoils the interior

The fourth reason, subjective: ugly! According to some, modern stylish entrance doors in the company of such a rug immediately lose their luster.

To have or not to have?

With the pros and cons, we met. The decision to make you. And at its adoption, it is worth remembering that such a utilitarian thing may well be a source of good mood.

Agree, it’s hard not to smile if you are greeted by a funny picture or an inscription like “sweet home”.

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