How to choose the perfect dish dryer

Washed dishes can be wiped dry first, and then put in a pile. But why waste precious minutes if special dryers for wet cups have been invented long ago ?! In them, the dishes are not just dried, but kept until one or another object is needed.

Of course, no one forbids, as in the old days, to use a fence for drying dishes. But, fortunately, modern manufacturers of kitchen assistants are more creative than their ancestors. Yes, and the hostess prefer not to leave for this from the house. At the same time, they are also “capricious”: sometimes the color of the dryer is not the same, then the shape is not the same, or the concept of the room does not fit.

The reasons for these "whims" deserve attention. After all, the correctly chosen model of the much-needed kitchen attribute is not only a competent organization of the working space, but also an element of the interior.

How to make the right choice, we will tell.

Dryers are different ...

This is easily seen: just go to the store or look at the websites of manufacturers and sellers. But if you look at the assortment more closely, it turns out that there are not so many basic types. Today use 3 types such devices:

  • built in;
  • suspended;
  • separate systems (desktop).


Such models become part of the overall system of kitchen furniture. And, in turn, are divided into stationary and sliding.

  • Stationary taken to mount inside the kitchen cabinet above the sink.
  • Retractable - hide under it in a drawer.

Reference. There are built-in models, specially created for corner cabinets.


Another name for such devices - wall. They mounted directly on the wall or hung on rails.

Their advantage is the ability to send plates to dry without leaving the sink.

Reference. Such designs are created for miniature kitchens, in which there is no place either in cabinets or on worktops.

A significant drawback of open structures is the lack of dust protection.


These systems are designed for installation on the table or in the sink. They are usually impressive size, equipped with legs.

Most often they have two tiers: one for plates, the other for cups. Of course, there are single and three-tier models. As well as those that allow to dry any kitchen utensils, including cutlery.

Interesting! There is also an alternative: the Troflex dryer. This is a mesh or grid that is placed on top of the sink. On it you can lay and dishes, and fruits with vegetables, water from which flows directly into the sink.

What material to choose

Usual materials for the manufacture are considered metal, plastic and tree.


The advantages of metal products can be attributed to them. durability and ease of care. But they the most expensive.

Yes, and metal to metal strife. The most popular option is stainless steel. It is resistant to mechanical damage and is not subject to corrosion. Almost as good aluminum. But over time, it sags or loses its brightness.

reference! Changing the color of aluminum does not affect the functionality of the dryer.

Usual metal coated with paint or chrome, has a presentable appearance. But from constant contact with water, the protective coating is destroyed. Over time, rust stains appear on the surface. This is not only untidy, but also unpleasant: the dishes from such a dryer will be, though dry, but dirty.

There are designs rubber coated. Their main advantage is noiselessness.


It is impossible to expect that plastic will last as long. Most often plastic dryers have the most attractive appearancebut that is their only advantage.

In operation they prove unreliable, under the weight of dishes quickly deformed or broken. But, considering the price-quality ratio, it is not a pity to throw away plastic materials as soon as they cease to fit into the surrounding space.


Wood considered the most environmentally friendly. But they are quite massive, they require a lot of space and, without proper care, swell from constant moisture.

Other options

There are also dryers silicone, rubber or microfiber. The last option is interesting in that it is made in the form of a rug, which after use is easy to fold or fold. In general, this is a great addition to the dryer already available in the house. Such a thing will help out when you need to prepare a lot of sets of dishes for meeting guests.

How to be picky customers, if any drying at least one minus, but there is? You can listen to someone's advice or act spontaneously: “I like what I like, I will buy it”. This approach to buying is not the best.

It is preferable to take into account several parameters, while in your own kitchen, armed with a measuring tape and a piece of paper with a pencil for writing.

The ideal dryer is for everyone: how to choose

"Everyone chooses for themselves ..." - the words of the poet Y. Levitansky are relevant even when buying a dryer!

We are looking for a model with a pallet

Be sure to consider the stability and the presence of a pallet. Some multi-tier structures can turn over under the weight of dishes. And the lack of a pallet leads to additional efforts to collect the flowing water.

Determine the place

Next - all individually. So that the wrong kitchen accessory doesn’t cause a headache, decide on a placewhere the dryer will go, and measure its length and depth.

These numbers are decisive. They show the maximum dimensions of the future design.

Choose the type of design

If you plan to install inside the cabinet, then the main thing here is functionality. And if the dryer is constantly in sight, the aesthetic moment is also important.

Manufacturers of desktop models made sure that their products fit into a variety of interior solutions.

We take into account the volume of dishes

It is also important amount of dishes.

For small families one level dryer is quite enough. On average amount plates and cups fit the device in two or three levels.

Dishes a lot? Not a problem, there are sales bulk dryers! They are built into the closet with all shelves, grilles, sections. They fit absolutely everything: knives, and "guest" appliances, and frying pans with pots!

The choice here is limited only to your own taste and wallet.

You already understand what kind of dryer you need?

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