The fifth corner in the house: where is he?

With the corners of the house is connected a lot of signs, proverbs and sayings of the Russian people. These include the desire to find one’s corner, and the common sentence phrase about finding the fifth corner in the house. Let's see where this concept came from and where this place is located.

Where is the fifth corner in the house

Of course, in the classical house of four walls there can not be a fifth corner. Just at some certain moment in the speech this phrase appeared, which has not a direct but an allegorical meaning. But the unequivocal interpretation of this phraseological unit is not available. The most popular is the interpretation, equating these words to the concept of "empty" classes. Often in the old days this was said to the idler and the idler, comparing his doing nothing with the search for a nonexistent place. That is, literally, this phrase can be translated as "stop nonsense and mess around." Now let's look at the other explanations that are often used.

Different versions

The phrase gets another meaning when it is used in a threatening context. It means that the opponent is threatened with physical harm, which can lead him to an incompetent state. According to some experts, this definition of the "fifth corner" was due to its ephemerality, phantom.

Attention! Sometimes this is a warning to a person about the inadmissibility of his actions with a request to leave, disappear out of sight.

The phrase has a completely different meaning in the criminal environment. Among adherents of criminal culture, the fifth corner means a quiet, peaceful place where you can hide from the attention of law enforcement and wait out troubled times.

So, having heard this saying, you should not look for the fifth corner in your home. Just interrupt the conversation with your opponent. After all, as they say, the one who is smarter ends the quarrel. And in the great and mighty Russian language there are many more such interesting, mysterious and incomprehensible phrases. But that's another story.

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