Luxury from the cradle: children's rooms celebrities

Stars can afford everything. Unlimited budget and the best designers work wonders, creating perfect interiors. Children's rooms are transformed into small castles for princes and princesses, and miracles in every corner.

Molly Sims

For her, it was very wise to put the nursery a full adult bed. Parents of little kids spend a lot of time with them! The interior is designed in concise, but bottomless delicate shades. The photos show a lot of all kinds of toys.

Jessica Alba

Her home can be considered infinitely long, as effectively combined colors and stylistic finds. The children's room touches with balloons, bright rugs and touching toys.

Courtney Kardashian

Courtney chose an amazing combination of pink and peach color. The result was a cozy interior, immersed in childhood. The star is open to its fans and generously shares photos of the wonderful room.

Jamie King

The actress made classics for her son - the interior is designed in blue colors.

A British flag is placed over the bed to foster patriotism. Not bad idea!

Rachel zoe

The stylist embodied his best ideas in the interior. Luxury and magnificence are read in every detail, be it a huge window or a rug made of white fleece. A popular designer could not stop at a too simple solution!

Sharon Montrose

Walls with natural motifs, original works of the stylist himself and surprisingly delicate combinations of gray, cyan and magenta tones create a stunning effect! I want to live in this room for at least one day!

In an interview with Sharon, you can see a confession that she had long known how to decorate the space for her child.

Ellen Pompeo

For her baby, Sienna May, Ellen decided on a bright and juicy color scheme experiment. Pink bed, flowers on the walls, soft sheep and paper lanterns create a fabulous mood.

And what about the Russian stars? They also keep up with their colleagues and share photos of amazing children's interiors!

Ilya Averbukh

His son Martin grows up in a truly boyish room with a huge amount of pistols and other military toys. Imagination strikes a real complex with two levels and slides, in which any child will want to play! Here you can play "war" and hide "in the trenches." The textured walls deserve special attention, there is evidence that their square meter cost the star couple about 100 euros!

Irina Lobacheva once admitted that there will be a repair soon, but what will be done is still classified.

Elena Kuletskaya

The model preferred milky tones, so the walls and all the objects look as if they came from a fairy tale. The eldest daughter sleeps in a wonderful bed, made in the form of a small house, and the little one is allocated an oval sleeper, which recently became fashionable.

Polina Gagarina

The singer doesn’t share a lot of photographs, but even on scraps of information one gets the impression of airiness. Perhaps plays a role that is mainly used beige color.

Anna Tsukanova-Kott

Perhaps one of the best children's rooms! One wall represents the sky with the moon. Great solution! I am sure that I sleep well here.

Anastasia Kostenko

Here, cute balloons fly in balloons, and my daughter sleeps under a canopy on a truly royal bed.

Anna Khilkevich

The star of the popular TNT series created a cheerful interior with a rocking horse and a pretty wigwam of silver color.

Exactly the same horse seen from Prince George!

Anna Mikhailovskaya

Judging by the photos in the blog, where the son leaves the toys - there is a children's room. The family lives mainly in the fresh air, in a posh country house.


The singer has created a real kingdom of a little princess! The luxurious combination of gold and white paint resembles a palace, and the toys are kept in strict order, which is quite surprising for a place where little children play.

Chet Pugacheva and Galkina

Closing our hit parade Lisa and Harry. They live in a castle, and all the details are reminiscent of the magnificence and richness of the star couple.

It is difficult to say which design is better. Every mother wants to give her child the best that she can afford, and no matter how big the bank account is!


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